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Poster of Father and Guns

Father and Guns

Release Date: Wednesday, July 8 2009 (13 years ago)
Portrait of Michel CôtéMichel Côté
Jacques Laroche
Michel Côté was:
Portrait of Louis-José HoudeLouis-José Houde
Marc Laroche
Louis-José Houde was:
Portrait of Rémy GirardRémy Girard
Charles Bérubé
Rémy Girard was:
Portrait of Patrick DroletPatrick Drolet
Tim Bérubé
Patrick Drolet was:
Portrait of Caroline DhavernasCaroline Dhavernas
Caroline Dhavernas was:
Portrait of Jean-Michel AnctilJean-Michel Anctil
Mononc - Luc Tardif
Jean-Michel Anctil was:
Portrait of Robin AubertRobin Aubert
Gilbert Bouchard
Robin Aubert was:
Portrait of Luc SenayLuc Senay
Père Mamours - Simon
Luc Senay was:
Portrait of Pierre CollinPierre Collin
Père Grano - Antoine
Pierre Collin was:
Portrait of Normand D'AmourNormand D'Amour
Père Rockeur - Roberto
Normand D'Amour was:
Portrait of Patrice CoquereauPatrice Coquereau
Père Mou - Langis
Patrice Coquereau was:
Portrait of Joachim TanguayJoachim Tanguay
Fils Mou - Junior
Joachim Tanguay was:
Portrait of Frédéric PaquetFrédéric Paquet
Fils Fric - Maxime
Frédéric Paquet was:
Portrait of Clermont JolicoeurClermont Jolicoeur
Fils Punk - Jules
Clermont Jolicoeur was:
Portrait of Sébastien HuberdeauSébastien Huberdeau
Sébastien Huberdeau was:
Portrait of JiCi LauzonJiCi Lauzon
JiCi Lauzon was:
Portrait of Sylvie BoucherSylvie Boucher
Nathalie Bérubé
Sylvie Boucher was:
Portrait of Michel LaperrièreMichel Laperrière
Maire de Montréal
Michel Laperrière was:
Portrait of Jonathan GagnonJonathan Gagnon
Fils Mamours - Benoît
Jonathan Gagnon was:
Portrait of Sylvie De Morais-NogueiraSylvie De Morais-Nogueira
Julie Tremblay
Sylvie De Morais-Nogueira was:
Portrait of Marianne MarceauMarianne Marceau
Jeune journaliste
Marianne Marceau was:
Portrait of Hubert ProulxHubert Proulx
Jeff Tremblay
Hubert Proulx was:
Portrait of Mathieu DufresneMathieu Dufresne
Mathieu Dufresne was:
Portrait of Nicholas RousselleNicholas Rousselle
Nicholas Rousselle was:
Portrait of Benoît GirardBenoît Girard
Homme journaliste
Benoît Girard was:
Portrait of Sylvie-Katherine BouchardSylvie-Katherine Bouchard
Sylvie-Katherine Bouchard was:
Portrait of Patrick CauxPatrick Caux
Journaliste #1
Patrick Caux was:
Portrait of Patrick BabyPatrick Baby
Journaliste #2
Patrick Baby was:
Portrait of Minou PetrowskiMinou Petrowski
Journaliste #3
Minou Petrowski was:
Portrait of Denise CharestDenise Charest
Journaliste #4
Denise Charest was:
Portrait of Michel SavardMichel Savard
Journaliste #5
Michel Savard was:
Portrait of Angélique RicherAngélique Richer
Serveuse blonde
Angélique Richer was:
Portrait of Jan-Marc LavergneJan-Marc Lavergne
Jan-Marc Lavergne was:
Portrait of Freddy BessaFreddy Bessa
Sniper #1
Freddy Bessa was:
Portrait of Jacques MonastJacques Monast
Sniper #2
Jacques Monast was:
Portrait of Richard ChampagneRichard Champagne
Agent antigang
Richard Champagne was:
Portrait of Maurice DemersMaurice Demers
Agent antigang
Maurice Demers was:
Portrait of Gerardo Lo DicoGerardo Lo Dico
Agent antigang
Gerardo Lo Dico was:
Portrait of Fernand PatryFernand Patry
Fernand Patry was:
Portrait of Geneviève Joly-ProvostGeneviève Joly-Provost
Fille de moto
Geneviève Joly-Provost was:
Portrait of Christophe LaPierChristophe LaPier
Avocat Carrier
Christophe LaPier was:
Portrait of Marco de JeanMarco de Jean
Motard au chien
Marco de Jean was:
Portrait of René DusseaultRené Dusseault
Motard salon funéraire
René Dusseault was:
Portrait of Denis RoyDenis Roy
Motard fleuriste
Denis Roy was:
Portrait of André LemireAndré Lemire
Motard t-shirt
André Lemire was:
Portrait of Paul BoissonneaultPaul Boissonneault
Motard toilette
Paul Boissonneault was:
Portrait of Marc LeclercMarc Leclerc
Motard chaussée
Marc Leclerc was:
Portrait of Serge VeilleuxSerge Veilleux
Serge Veilleux was:
Portrait of Lise ChenierLise Chenier
Police municipale
Lise Chenier was:
Portrait of André ChenierAndré Chenier
Police municipale
André Chenier was:
Portrait of Martin RobertsMartin Roberts
Police municipale
Martin Roberts was:
Portrait of Catherine DesgagnéCatherine Desgagné
Police municipale
Catherine Desgagné was:
Portrait of Yanik BoisvertYanik Boisvert
Police municipale
Yanik Boisvert was:
Portrait of Pascal RichardPascal Richard
Police municipale
Pascal Richard was:
Portrait of Stéphane TessierStéphane Tessier
Police municipale
Stéphane Tessier was:
Portrait of Marc BaucheminMarc Bauchemin
Motard pelouse
Marc Bauchemin was:
Portrait of Éric PhilipponÉric Philippon
Motard #1
Éric Philippon was:
Portrait of Valeriy PavlovValeriy Pavlov
Mafieux russe Igor
Valeriy Pavlov was:
Portrait of Stéphane PigeonStéphane Pigeon
Police provinciale
Stéphane Pigeon was:
Portrait of Stéphane DufaultStéphane Dufault
Police provinciale
Stéphane Dufault was:
Portrait of Nadine PaolielloNadine Paoliello
Police provinciale
Nadine Paoliello was:
Portrait of Raymond BouchardRaymond Bouchard
Police provinciale
Raymond Bouchard was:
Portrait of Isabelle ChampeauIsabelle Champeau
Serveuse brunette
Isabelle Champeau was:
Portrait of Katia Di PernaKatia Di Perna
Serveuse rousse
Katia Di Perna was:
Portrait of Nir AssayagNir Assayag
Nir Assayag was:
Portrait of Kwasi SonguiKwasi Songui
Kwasi Songui was:
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