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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of No Way Out

No Way Out

Release Date: 1987-08-14 (34 years ago)
Portrait of Kevin CostnerKevin Costner
Lt. Cmdr. Tom Farrell
Kevin Costner was:
Portrait of Gene HackmanGene Hackman
Defense Secretary David Brice
Gene Hackman was:
Portrait of Will PattonWill Patton
Scott Pritchard
Will Patton was:
Portrait of Sean YoungSean Young
Susan Atwell
Sean Young was:
Portrait of George DzundzaGeorge Dzundza
Sam Hesselman
George Dzundza was:
Portrait of Jason BernardJason Bernard
Major Donovan
Jason Bernard was:
Portrait of ImanIman
Nina Beka
Iman was:
Portrait of Howard DuffHoward Duff
Senator William 'Billy' Duvall
Howard Duff was:
Portrait of Leo GeterLeo Geter
Ensign Fox
Leo Geter was:
Portrait of Fred Dalton ThompsonFred Dalton Thompson
CIA Director Marshall
Fred Dalton Thompson was:
Portrait of Leon RussomLeon Russom
Kevin O'Brien
Leon Russom was:
Portrait of Dennis BurkleyDennis Burkley
Boat Renter
Dennis Burkley was:
Portrait of Matthew BarryMatthew Barry
Matthew Barry was:
Portrait of Chris D.Chris D.
Chris D. was:
Portrait of Marshall BellMarshall Bell
Marshall Bell was:
Portrait of June ChandlerJune Chandler
Mrs. Brice
June Chandler was:
Portrait of David PaymerDavid Paymer
Computer Technician
David Paymer was:
Portrait of Brad PittBrad Pitt
Party Guest
Brad Pitt was:
Portrait of David ArmstrongDavid Armstrong
Man in Crowd (uncredited)
David Armstrong was:
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