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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of City by the Sea

City by the Sea

Release Date: 2002-09-06 (19 years ago)
Portrait of Robert De NiroRobert De Niro
Vincent LaMarca
Robert De Niro was:
Portrait of Frances McDormandFrances McDormand
Frances McDormand was:
Portrait of James FrancoJames Franco
James Franco was:
Portrait of Eliza DushkuEliza Dushku
Eliza Dushku was:
Portrait of William ForsytheWilliam Forsythe
William Forsythe was:
Portrait of Patti LuPonePatti LuPone
Patti LuPone was:
Portrait of Anson MountAnson Mount
Dave Simon
Anson Mount was:
Portrait of John DomanJohn Doman
John Doman was:
Portrait of Brian TarantinaBrian Tarantina
Brian Tarantina was:
Portrait of Drena De NiroDrena De Niro
Vanessa Hansen
Drena De Niro was:
Portrait of Michael P. MoranMichael P. Moran
Michael P. Moran was:
Portrait of Nestor SerranoNestor Serrano
Nestor Serrano was:
Portrait of Matthew CowlesMatthew Cowles
Matthew Cowles was:
Portrait of Linda EmondLinda Emond
Linda Emond was:
Portrait of Cyrus FarmerCyrus Farmer
Cyrus Farmer was:
Portrait of George DzundzaGeorge Dzundza
Reg Duffy
George Dzundza was:
Portrait of Jay BoryeaJay Boryea
Jay Boryea was:
Portrait of Leo BurmesterLeo Burmester
Lieutenant Katt
Leo Burmester was:
Portrait of Gregg EdelmanGregg Edelman
A.P.C. Johnson
Gregg Edelman was:
Portrait of Stephi LineburgStephi Lineburg
Stephi Lineburg was:
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