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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Murder in Greenwich Village

Murder in Greenwich Village

Release Date: 1937-11-03 (83 years ago)
Richard Arlen
Steve Havens Jackson Jr.
Richard Arlen was:
Fay Wray
Kay Cabot aka Lucky
Fay Wray was:
Raymond Walburn
The Senator
Raymond Walburn was:
Wyn Cahoon
Flo Melville
Wyn Cahoon was:
Scott Kolk
Larry Foster (as Scott Kolton)
Scott Kolk was:
Thurston Hall
Charles Cabot
Thurston Hall was:
Marc Lawrence
Rusty Morgan
Marc Lawrence was:
Gene Morgan
Gene Morgan was:
Mary Russell
Antoinette aka Angel Annie McGillicutty
Mary Russell was:
George McKay
George McKay was:
Leon Ames
Rodney Hunter
Leon Ames was:
Barry Macollum
Barry Macollum was:
Marjorie Reynolds
Molly Murphy
Marjorie Reynolds was:
Wilson Benge
Wilson Benge was:
Jack Cheatham
Jack Cheatham was:
George Chesebro
George Chesebro was:
Edmund Cobb
City Cop
Edmund Cobb was:
Nick Copeland
Ship's Officer
Nick Copeland was:
Dick Curtis
Campbell Security Guard
Dick Curtis was:
Gordon De Main
Captain Bates
Gordon De Main was:
Vernon Dent
Ship's Officer
Vernon Dent was:
Edward Earle
Mr. Andrews
Edward Earle was:
Eddie Fetherston
Campbell Security Guard
Eddie Fetherston was:
Al Herman
Signal Man
Al Herman was:
Howard Hickman
Mr. Sloan
Howard Hickman was:
Harry Hollingsworth
Harry Hollingsworth was:
William Irving
William Irving was:
Bud Jamison
Bud Jamison was:
J.G. MacMahon
J.G. MacMahon was:
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