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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Warcraft


Release Date: Wednesday, May 25 2016 (6 years ago)
Portrait of Travis FimmelTravis Fimmel
Anduin Lothar
Travis Fimmel was:
Portrait of Paula PattonPaula Patton
Garona Halforcen
Paula Patton was:
Portrait of Ben FosterBen Foster
Ben Foster was:
Portrait of Dominic CooperDominic Cooper
Llane Wrynn
Dominic Cooper was:
Portrait of Ben SchnetzerBen Schnetzer
Ben Schnetzer was:
Portrait of Toby KebbellToby Kebbell
Durotan / Antonidas
Toby Kebbell was:
Portrait of Robert KazinskyRobert Kazinsky
Robert Kazinsky was:
Portrait of Clancy BrownClancy Brown
Clancy Brown was:
Portrait of Ryan RobbinsRyan Robbins
Ryan Robbins was:
Portrait of Daniel WuDaniel Wu
Daniel Wu was:
Portrait of Anna GalvinAnna Galvin
Anna Galvin was:
Portrait of Callum Keith RennieCallum Keith Rennie
Callum Keith Rennie was:
Portrait of Ruth NeggaRuth Negga
Lady Taria Wrynn
Ruth Negga was:
Portrait of Burkely DuffieldBurkely Duffield
Burkely Duffield was:
Portrait of Dean RedmanDean Redman
Varis / Caged Frostwolf
Dean Redman was:
Portrait of Glenn EnnisGlenn Ennis
Compound Guard
Glenn Ennis was:
Portrait of Terry NotaryTerry Notary
Grommash Hellscream
Terry Notary was:
Portrait of Elena WurlitzerElena Wurlitzer
Draenei Mother
Elena Wurlitzer was:
Portrait of Michael AdamthwaiteMichael Adamthwaite
King Magni
Michael Adamthwaite was:
Portrait of Anna Van HooftAnna Van Hooft
Anna Van Hooft was:
Portrait of Callan MulveyCallan Mulvey
Callan Mulvey was:
Portrait of Adrian Glynn McMorranAdrian Glynn McMorran
Officer #1
Adrian Glynn McMorran was:
Portrait of Kyle RideoutKyle Rideout
Officer #2
Kyle Rideout was:
Portrait of Michael AntonakosMichael Antonakos
Officer #3
Michael Antonakos was:
Portrait of Elisabeth RosenElisabeth Rosen
Westfall Woman
Elisabeth Rosen was:
Portrait of Patrick SabonguiPatrick Sabongui
Patrick Sabongui was:
Portrait of Kent O'ConnorKent O'Connor
Kent O'Connor was:
Portrait of Wesley MacInnesWesley MacInnes
Gate Guard
Wesley MacInnes was:
Portrait of Mackenzie GrayMackenzie Gray
Lordaerian Delegate
Mackenzie Gray was:
Portrait of Christian SloanChristian Sloan
Elf Delegate
Christian Sloan was:
Portrait of Valérie WisemanValérie Wiseman
Kul Tiran Delegate
Valérie Wiseman was:
Portrait of Dan PayneDan Payne
Dan Payne was:
Portrait of Eugene LipinskiEugene Lipinski
Eugene Lipinski was:
Portrait of Christina JastrzembskaChristina Jastrzembska
Christina Jastrzembska was:
Portrait of Travis MacDonaldTravis MacDonald
Prison Mage #1
Travis MacDonald was:
Portrait of Frank C. TurnerFrank C. Turner
Prison Mage #2
Frank C. Turner was:
Portrait of Tommy RiederTommy Rieder
Young Medivh
Tommy Rieder was:
Portrait of Dylan SchombingDylan Schombing
Young Varian Wrynn
Dylan Schombing was:
Portrait of Donavon StinsonDonavon Stinson
Prison Soldier
Donavon Stinson was:
Portrait of Meelah RobbinsMeelah Robbins
Scared Girl
Meelah Robbins was:
Portrait of One Take CharlieOne Take Charlie
One Take Charlie was:
Portrait of Glenn CloseGlenn Close
Alodi (uncredited)
Glenn Close was:
Portrait of Trevor MackTrevor Mack
Warrior (uncredited)
Trevor Mack was:
Portrait of Joel SturrockJoel Sturrock
Dwarf Messenger (uncredited)
Joel Sturrock was:
Portrait of Raj LalRaj Lal
Knight (uncredited)
Raj Lal was:
Portrait of Donnie MacNeilDonnie MacNeil
Squire (uncredited)
Donnie MacNeil was:
Portrait of G. Michael GrayG. Michael Gray
Tower Guard (uncredited)
G. Michael Gray was:
Portrait of Michael PatricMichael Patric
Human Villager (uncredited)
Michael Patric was:
Portrait of Jill MorrisonJill Morrison
Indecisive Woman (uncredited)
Jill Morrison was:
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