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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Iron Mistress

The Iron Mistress

Release Date: 1952-11-19 (69 years ago)
Alan Ladd
Jim Bowie
Alan Ladd was:
Virginia Mayo
Judalon de Bornay
Virginia Mayo was:
Joseph Calleia
Juan Moreno
Joseph Calleia was:
Phyllis Kirk
Ursula de Varamendi
Phyllis Kirk was:
Alf Kjellin
Phillipe de Cabanal
Alf Kjellin was:
Douglas Dick
Narcisse de Bornay
Douglas Dick was:
Anthony Caruso
Black Jack Sturdevant
Anthony Caruso was:
Nedrick Young
Henri Contrecourt
Nedrick Young was:
George Voskovec
John James Audubon
George Voskovec was:
Richard Carlyle
Rezin Bowie
Richard Carlyle was:
Robert Emhardt
Gen. Cuny
Robert Emhardt was:
Don Beddoe
Dr. Cuny
Don Beddoe was:
Harold Gordon
Andrew Marschalk
Harold Gordon was:
Jay Novello
Judge Crain
Jay Novello was:
Nick Dennis
Nez Coupe
Nick Dennis was:
Sarah Selby
Mrs. Bowie
Sarah Selby was:
Dick Paxton
John Bowie
Dick Paxton was:
George J. Lewis
Colonel Wells
George J. Lewis was:
Edward Colmans
Don Juan de Varamendi
Edward Colmans was:
Gordon Nelson
Dr. Maddox
Gordon Nelson was:
Daria Massey
Teresa de Varamendi
Daria Massey was:
Leon Alton
Riverboat Passenger
Leon Alton was:
John Alvin
Impatient Man in Tailor's Shop
John Alvin was:
Ernest Anderson
Riverboat Cabin Boy
Ernest Anderson was:
Walter Bacon
Casino Patron
Walter Bacon was:
Salvador Baguez
Mexican Artist
Salvador Baguez was:
Richard Bartell
Horse Race Starter
Richard Bartell was:
John Barton
Gambling House Patron
John Barton was:
Madge Blake
Mrs. Cuny
Madge Blake was:
Oliver Blake
Oliver Blake was:
Eugene Borden
Cocquelon, Tailor
Eugene Borden was:
Chet Brandenburg
Casino Patron
Chet Brandenburg was:
Harry Brown
Harry Brown was:
Morgan Brown
Saloon Patron
Morgan Brown was:
Ivan Browning
Ivan Browning was:
Argentina Brunetti
Argentina Brunetti was:
Morris Buchanan
Morris Buchanan was:
Peter Camlin
Peter Camlin was:
Fred Cavens
Aged Swordsman
Fred Cavens was:
Girl in Hay
Charlita was:
Ann Codee
Ann Codee was:
Jean Del Val
St. Sylvain
Jean Del Val was:
Stanley Fraser
Al Blanchard
Stanley Fraser was:
Jack Carr
Jack Carr was:
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