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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Exile

The Exile

Release Date: 1947-10-17 (74 years ago)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Charles II
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. was:
Maria Montez
Countess Anbella de Courteuil
Maria Montez was:
Rita Corday
Rita Corday was:
Henry Daniell
Colonel Ingram
Henry Daniell was:
Nigel Bruce
Sir Edward Hyde
Nigel Bruce was:
Robert Coote
Dick Pinner
Robert Coote was:
Otto Waldis
Otto Waldis was:
Eldon Gorst
Eldon Gorst was:
Milton Owen
Milton Owen was:
Colin Keith-Johnston
Captain Bristol
Colin Keith-Johnston was:
Ben Wright
Ben Wright was:
Colin Kenny
Colin Kenny was:
Peter Shaw
Peter Shaw was:
Will Stanton
Will Stanton was:
Ramsay Hill
Cavalier Officer
Ramsay Hill was:
Gordon B. Clarke
Cavalier Guard
Gordon B. Clarke was:
Lumsden Hare
Roundhead General
Lumsden Hare was:
Lester Matthews
Lester Matthews was:
Tom Dillon
Tom Dillon was:
Willy Trenk-Trebitsch
Jacques, Footman
Willy Trenk-Trebitsch was:
Fred Cavens
Alec, Coachman
Fred Cavens was:
Alla Dunn
Alla Dunn was:
Torben Meyer
Sea Captain
Torben Meyer was:
Grayce Hampton
First Court Lady
Grayce Hampton was:
Mary Forbes
Second Court Lady
Mary Forbes was:
Charles Stevens
Charles Stevens was:
Richard Abbott
Dutch Berger (uncredited)
Richard Abbott was:
George Barrows
Loyalist (uncredited)
George Barrows was:
Mary Bye
Waitress (uncredited)
Mary Bye was:
Leonard Carey
Cavalier (uncredited)
Leonard Carey was:
Lillian Castle
Servant (uncredited)
Lillian Castle was:
David Cavendish
Pigeon Keeper (uncredited)
David Cavendish was:
Edith Clinton
Cavalier's Wife (uncredited)
Edith Clinton was:
Harry Cording
Roundhead (uncredited)
Harry Cording was:
James Craven
Cavalier (uncredited)
James Craven was:
Eddie Cregar
Young Boy (uncredited)
Eddie Cregar was:
Jack Curtis
Card Player (uncredited)
Jack Curtis was:
Daniel De Jonghe
Working Man (uncredited)
Daniel De Jonghe was:
Janna DeLoos
Dutch Woman at Inn (uncredited)
Janna DeLoos was:
Art Foster
Jessup (uncredited)
Art Foster was:
Sol Gorss
Soldier (uncredited)
Sol Gorss was:
Dorothy Hart
Lady in Waiting (uncredited)
Dorothy Hart was:
Keith Hitchcock
Military Man (uncredited)
Keith Hitchcock was:
Sheldon Jett
Card Player (uncredited)
Sheldon Jett was:
Joseph Kamaryt
Man at Inn (uncredited)
Joseph Kamaryt was:
Charles Knight
Ingram's Aide (uncredited)
Charles Knight was:
Perc Launders
Guitar Player (uncredited)
Perc Launders was:
Michael Mark
Drunk (uncredited)
Michael Mark was:
John Meredith
Trumpeter (uncredited)
John Meredith was:
Patrick O'Moore
Cavalier (uncredited)
Patrick O'Moore was:
Joe Ploski
Servant (uncredited)
Joe Ploski was:
Bruce Riley
Roundhead (uncredited)
Bruce Riley was:
Norbert Schiller
Messenger (uncredited)
Norbert Schiller was:
Reginald Sheffield
Commanding Officer (uncredited)
Reginald Sheffield was:
Lotte Stein
Fat Dutch Woman (uncredited)
Lotte Stein was:
Ellinor Vanderveer
Woman (uncredited)
Ellinor Vanderveer was:
Erich von Schilling
Servant (uncredited)
Erich von Schilling was:
Garry Watson
Servant (uncredited)
Garry Watson was:
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