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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Sally


Release Date: 1930-01-12 (92 years ago)
Portrait of Marilyn MillerMarilyn Miller
Marilyn Miller was:
Portrait of Alexander GrayAlexander Gray
Blair Farell
Alexander Gray was:
Portrait of Joe E. BrownJoe E. Brown
Grand Duke Connie
Joe E. Brown was:
Portrait of T. Roy BarnesT. Roy Barnes
Otis Hooper
T. Roy Barnes was:
Portrait of Pert KeltonPert Kelton
Pert Kelton was:
Portrait of Ford SterlingFord Sterling
'Pops' Shendorff
Ford Sterling was:
Portrait of Maude Turner GordonMaude Turner Gordon
Mrs. Ten Brock
Maude Turner Gordon was:
Portrait of E.J. RatcliffeE.J. Ratcliffe
John Farell
E.J. Ratcliffe was:
Portrait of Jack DuffyJack Duffy
Jack Duffy was:
Portrait of Ethel StoneEthel Stone
Ethel Stone was:
Portrait of Nora LaneNora Lane
Nora Lane was:
Portrait of Adrienne AmesAdrienne Ames
Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Adrienne Ames was:
Portrait of Ruth EddingsRuth Eddings
Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Ruth Eddings was:
Portrait of Anita GarvinAnita Garvin
Party Guest (uncredited)
Anita Garvin was:
Portrait of Harry HoldenHarry Holden
Cafe Customer (uncredited)
Harry Holden was:
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