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That Girl From Paris

That Girl From Paris

Release Date: 1936-12-31 (84 years ago)
Lily Pons
Nikki Martin
Lily Pons was:
Jack Oakie
Whammo Lonsdale
Jack Oakie was:
Gene Raymond
Windy McLean
Gene Raymond was:
Herman Bing
"Hammy" Hammacher
Herman Bing was:
Mischa Auer
Mischa Auer was:
Lucille Ball
Claire Williams
Lucille Ball was:
Frank Jenks
Laughing Boy Frank
Frank Jenks was:
Oscar Apfel
Judge at Second Wedding (uncredited)
Oscar Apfel was:
Symona Boniface
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Symona Boniface was:
Jimmy Dorsey
Hammacher's Band Member (uncredited)
Jimmy Dorsey was:
Ferdinand Gottschalk
Nikki's Uncle (uncredited)
Ferdinand Gottschalk was:
Patricia Wilder
Hat Check Girl (uncredited)
Patricia Wilder was:
Rafaela Ottiano
Nikki's Personal Maid (uncredited)
Rafaela Ottiano was:
Jack Chefe
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Jack Chefe was:
André Cheron
M. Picard (uncredited)
André Cheron was:
Alec Craig
Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
Alec Craig was:
Kernan Cripps
Doorman (uncredited)
Kernan Cripps was:
Edgar Dearing
Ship's Purser (uncredited)
Edgar Dearing was:
Gregory Gaye
Paul Joseph DeVry (uncredited)
Gregory Gaye was:
Jack George
Orchestra Conductor (uncredited)
Jack George was:
Pat Hartigan
Second Immigration Officer (uncredited)
Pat Hartigan was:
Vinton Hayworth
Reporter (uncredited)
Vinton Hayworth was:
Harry Jans
Ship's Purser (uncredited)
Harry Jans was:
Michael Mark
Drunk Fortune-Teller (uncredited)
Michael Mark was:
Charles McAvoy
Policeman (uncredited)
Charles McAvoy was:
Louis Mercier
French Waiter (uncredited)
Louis Mercier was:
Edmund Mortimer
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Edmund Mortimer was:
Ferdinand Munier
Mayor (uncredited)
Ferdinand Munier was:
Willard Robertson
Immigration Officer (uncredited)
Willard Robertson was:
John Shelton
Photographer (uncredited)
John Shelton was:
George Sorel
Wedding Guest
George Sorel was:
Robert R. Stephenson
Police Turnkey (uncredited)
Robert R. Stephenson was:
Landers Stevens
Ship Captain (uncredited)
Landers Stevens was:
Brick Sullivan
Police Detective (uncredited)
Brick Sullivan was:
Harry Wilson
Dock Worker (uncredited)
Harry Wilson was:
William Worthington
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
William Worthington was:
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