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Madame Du Barry

Madame Du Barry

Release Date: 1934-10-13 (86 years ago)
Dolores del Río
Madame Du Barry
Dolores del Río was:
Reginald Owen
King Louis XV
Reginald Owen was:
Victor Jory
Duc Armand d'Aiguillon
Victor Jory was:
Osgood Perkins
Duc de Richelieu
Osgood Perkins was:
Verree Teasdale
Duchess de Granmont
Verree Teasdale was:
Ferdinand Gottschalk
Ferdinand Gottschalk was:
Anita Louise
Marie Antoinette
Anita Louise was:
Maynard Holmes
The Dauphin
Maynard Holmes was:
Henry O'Neill
Duc de Choiseul
Henry O'Neill was:
Hobart Cavanaugh
Professor de la Vauguyon
Hobart Cavanaugh was:
Dorothy Tree
Adelaide, the King's Daughter
Dorothy Tree was:
Virginia Sale
Sophie, the King's Daughter
Virginia Sale was:
Camille Rovelle
Victoria, the King's Daughter
Camille Rovelle was:
Helen Lowell
Countess de Berne
Helen Lowell was:
Joan Wheeler
Florette, Young Girl at Dear Park
Joan Wheeler was:
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