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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Bombay Mail

Bombay Mail

Release Date: 1934-01-06 (87 years ago)
Edmund Lowe
Inspector Dyke
Edmund Lowe was:
Ralph Forbes
William Luke-Patson
Ralph Forbes was:
Shirley Grey
Beatrice Jones aka Sonia Smeganoff
Shirley Grey was:
Hedda Hopper
Lady Daniels
Hedda Hopper was:
Onslow Stevens
John Hawley
Onslow Stevens was:
Jameson Thomas
Capt. Gerald Worthing
Jameson Thomas was:
Ferdinand Gottschalk
Governor Sir Anthony Daniels
Ferdinand Gottschalk was:
Tom Moore
Tom Moore was:
John Wray
Giovanni Martini
John Wray was:
John Davidson
R. Xavier
John Davidson was:
Georges Renavent
Dr. Maurice Lenoir
Georges Renavent was:
Herbert Corthell
Edward J. Breeze
Herbert Corthell was:
Brandon Hurst
Pundit Garnath Chundra
Brandon Hurst was:
Walter Armitage
Maharajah of Zungore
Walter Armitage was:
Harry Allen
Harry Allen was:
John George
Vendor (uncredited)
John George was:
Douglas Gerrard
Douglas Gerrard was:
Huntley Gordon
Huntley Gordon was:
Garry Owen
Cuthbert Neal
Garry Owen was:
Harry Semels
Platform Conductor
Harry Semels was:
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