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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Seven Chances

Seven Chances

Release Date: Sunday, March 15 1925 (97 years ago)
Portrait of Buster KeatonBuster Keaton
James 'Jimmie' Shannon
Buster Keaton was:
Portrait of T. Roy BarnesT. Roy Barnes
Billy Meekin
T. Roy Barnes was:
Portrait of Snitz EdwardsSnitz Edwards
Snitz Edwards was:
Portrait of Ruth DwyerRuth Dwyer
Mary Jones
Ruth Dwyer was:
Portrait of Frances RaymondFrances Raymond
Mrs. Jones
Frances Raymond was:
Portrait of Erwin ConnellyErwin Connelly
The Clergyman
Erwin Connelly was:
Portrait of Jules CowlesJules Cowles
The Hired Hand
Jules Cowles was:
Portrait of Jean ArthurJean Arthur
Miss Smith the Country Club Receptionist (uncredited)
Jean Arthur was:
Portrait of Rosalind ByrneRosalind Byrne
Hatcheck Girl (uncredited)
Rosalind Byrne was:
Portrait of Constance  TalmadgeConstance Talmadge
Girl in Car (uncredited)
Constance Talmadge was:
Portrait of Lori BaraLori Bara
Mother of Underage Girl (uncredited)
Lori Bara was:
Portrait of Bartine BurkettBartine Burkett
5th Chance: Country Club Girl (uncredited)
Bartine Burkett was:
Portrait of Louise CarverLouise Carver
Prospective Bride Who Operates Crane (uncredited)
Louise Carver was:
Portrait of Doris DeaneDoris Deane
2nd Chance: Girl Proposed to on Golf Course (uncredited)
Doris Deane was:
Portrait of Hazel DeaneHazel Deane
4th Chance: The Refuser (uncredited)
Hazel Deane was:
Portrait of Eugenia GilbertEugenia Gilbert
1st Chance: Girl in Big Hat Who Laughs at James' Proposal (uncredited)
Eugenia Gilbert was:
Portrait of Rosa GoreRosa Gore
Prospective Bride at Church (uncredited)
Rosa Gore was:
Portrait of Jean C. HavezJean C. Havez
Man Getting Off Elevator (uncredited)
Jean C. Havez was:
Portrait of Judy KingJudy King
3rd Chance: Shredder of 'Will You Marry Me' Note (uncredited)
Judy King was:
Portrait of Kate PriceKate Price
Prospective Bride at Church (uncredited)
Kate Price was:
Portrait of Julian RiveroJulian Rivero
Barber (uncredited)
Julian Rivero was:
Portrait of S.D. WilcoxS.D. Wilcox
Policeman (uncredited)
S.D. Wilcox was:
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