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Release Date: Saturday, February 5 1927 (95 years ago)
Portrait of Clara BowClara Bow
Betty Lou Spence
Clara Bow was:
Portrait of Antonio MorenoAntonio Moreno
Cyrus Waltham Jr.
Antonio Moreno was:
Portrait of William AustinWilliam Austin
Monty Montgomery
William Austin was:
Portrait of Priscilla BonnerPriscilla Bonner
Priscilla Bonner was:
Portrait of Jacqueline GadsdenJacqueline Gadsden
Adela Van Norman
Jacqueline Gadsden was:
Portrait of Julia Swayne GordonJulia Swayne Gordon
Mrs. Van Norman
Julia Swayne Gordon was:
Portrait of Elinor GlynElinor Glyn
Madame Elinor Glyn
Elinor Glyn was:
Portrait of Elmo BillingsElmo Billings
Office Boy (uncredited)
Elmo Billings was:
Portrait of Gary CooperGary Cooper
Newspaper Reporter (uncredited)
Gary Cooper was:
Portrait of Lloyd CorriganLloyd Corrigan
Yacht Cabin Boy (uncredited)
Lloyd Corrigan was:
Portrait of Cheryl HoltCheryl Holt
Baby (uncredited)
Cheryl Holt was:
Portrait of Eleanor LawsonEleanor Lawson
First Welfare Worker (uncredited)
Eleanor Lawson was:
Portrait of Rose TapleyRose Tapley
Second Welfare Worker (uncredited)
Rose Tapley was:
Portrait of Dorothy TreeDorothy Tree
Waltham Employee (uncredited)
Dorothy Tree was:
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