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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Something In Common

Something In Common

Release Date: Sunday, November 2 1986 (35 years ago)
Portrait of Ellen BurstynEllen Burstyn
Lynn Hollander
Ellen Burstyn was:
Portrait of Tuesday WeldTuesday Weld
Shelly Grant
Tuesday Weld was:
Portrait of Patrick CassidyPatrick Cassidy
Nick Hollander
Patrick Cassidy was:
Portrait of Don MurrayDon Murray
Theo Fontana
Don Murray was:
Portrait of Eli WallachEli Wallach
Norman Voss
Eli Wallach was:
Portrait of Amanda WyssAmanda Wyss
Laura Grant
Amanda Wyss was:
Portrait of Kenneth KimminsKenneth Kimmins
Eugene Skerritt
Kenneth Kimmins was:
Portrait of Marc PoppelMarc Poppel
Stephen Hollander
Marc Poppel was:
Portrait of Terri TreasTerri Treas
Nancy Webster
Terri Treas was:
Portrait of Gertrude FlynnGertrude Flynn
Aunt Celia
Gertrude Flynn was:
Portrait of George PetrieGeorge Petrie
Uncle Louie
George Petrie was:
Portrait of Elizabeth KerrElizabeth Kerr
Aunt Rose
Elizabeth Kerr was:
Portrait of Anita DanglerAnita Dangler
Barbara Slater
Anita Dangler was:
Portrait of Douglas EmersonDouglas Emerson
Jason Grant
Douglas Emerson was:
Portrait of Shannon FarnonShannon Farnon
Wealthy Woman
Shannon Farnon was:
Portrait of Suzanne KentSuzanne Kent
Woman Fan
Suzanne Kent was:
Portrait of Richardson MorseRichardson Morse
Richardson Morse was:
Portrait of Loyda RamosLoyda Ramos
Loyda Ramos was:
Portrait of John ScottJohn Scott
John Scott was:
Portrait of Cynthia Lea ClarkCynthia Lea Clark
Dr. Black
Cynthia Lea Clark was:
Portrait of Clyde LucasClyde Lucas
Waiter (uncredited)
Clyde Lucas was:
Portrait of Gunnar MaggGunnar Magg
Airline Passenger (uncredited)
Gunnar Magg was:
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