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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Within Our Gates

Within Our Gates

Release Date: 1920-01-12 (101 years ago)
Evelyn Preer
Sylvia Landry
Evelyn Preer was:
Flo Clements
Alma Prichard
Flo Clements was:
James D. Ruffin
Conrad Drebert - Sylvia's Fiancé
James D. Ruffin was:
Jack Chenault
Larry Prichard - Alma's Stepbrother
Jack Chenault was:
Charles D. Lucas
Dr. V. Vivian
Charles D. Lucas was:
Bernice Ladd
Mrs. Geraldine Stratton
Bernice Ladd was:
Mrs. Evelyn
Mrs. Elena Warwick
Mrs. Evelyn was:
William Starks
Jasper Landry
William Starks was:
Mattie Edwards
Jasper's Wife
Mattie Edwards was:
E.G. Tatum
Efram - Gridlestone's Servant
E.G. Tatum was:
Grant Edwards
Emil Landry
Grant Edwards was:
Grant Gorman
Armand Gridlestone
Grant Gorman was:
William Smith
Philip Gentry - A Detective
William Smith was:
Ralph Johnson
Philip Gridlestone
Ralph Johnson was:
Leigh Whipper
Leigh Whipper was:
Jimmie Cook
Jimmie Cook was:
S.T. Jacks
Rev. Wilson Jacobs (uncredited)
S.T. Jacks was:
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