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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Mr. Destiny

Mr. Destiny

Release Date: Friday, October 12 1990 (31 years ago)
Portrait of Jim BelushiJim Belushi
Larry Burrows
Jim Belushi was:
Portrait of Michael CaineMichael Caine
Michael Caine was:
Portrait of Linda HamiltonLinda Hamilton
Ellen Jane Burrows/Robertson
Linda Hamilton was:
Portrait of Jon LovitzJon Lovitz
Clip Metzler
Jon Lovitz was:
Portrait of Rene RussoRene Russo
Cindy Jo Bumpers/Burrows
Rene Russo was:
Portrait of Courteney CoxCourteney Cox
Jewel Jagger
Courteney Cox was:
Portrait of Hart BochnerHart Bochner
Niles Pender
Hart Bochner was:
Portrait of Bill McCutcheonBill McCutcheon
Leo Hansen
Bill McCutcheon was:
Portrait of Jay O. SandersJay O. Sanders
Jackie Earle
Jay O. Sanders was:
Portrait of Maury ChaykinMaury Chaykin
Maury Chaykin was:
Portrait of Pat CorleyPat Corley
Harry Burrows
Pat Corley was:
Portrait of Douglas SealeDouglas Seale
Douglas Seale was:
Portrait of Doug BarronDoug Barron
Lewis Flick
Doug Barron was:
Portrait of Jeff WeissJeff Weiss
Jeff Weiss was:
Portrait of Tony LongoTony Longo
Huge Guy
Tony Longo was:
Portrait of Kathy IrelandKathy Ireland
Kathy Ireland was:
Portrait of Andy StahlAndy Stahl
Jerry Haskins
Andy Stahl was:
Portrait of Sari CaineSari Caine
Sari Caine was:
Portrait of Martin ThompsonMartin Thompson
Guest Stilton
Martin Thompson was:
Portrait of Michael GenevieMichael Genevie
Guest #1
Michael Genevie was:
Portrait of Howard KingkadeHoward Kingkade
Guest #2
Howard Kingkade was:
Portrait of Collin BernsenCollin Bernsen
Tom Robertson
Collin Bernsen was:
Portrait of William GriffisWilliam Griffis
Maitre D'
William Griffis was:
Portrait of Terry LoughlinTerry Loughlin
Wine Steward
Terry Loughlin was:
Portrait of Adam C. EichhorstAdam C. Eichhorst
Adam C. Eichhorst was:
Portrait of Jeffrey PillarsJeffrey Pillars
Duncan the Tow Truck Driver
Jeffrey Pillars was:
Portrait of Rich DevaneyRich Devaney
Young Larry Burrows
Rich Devaney was:
Portrait of Bruce EversBruce Evers
Team Coach
Bruce Evers was:
Portrait of Sky BerdahlSky Berdahl
Young Clip Metzler
Sky Berdahl was:
Portrait of Heather LynchHeather Lynch
Young Ellen Jane Ripley
Heather Lynch was:
Portrait of Chris StacyChris Stacy
Chris Stacy was:
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