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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Girl with All the Gifts

The Girl with All the Gifts

Release Date: 2016-09-23 (4 years ago)
Sennia Nanua
Sennia Nanua was:
Gemma Arterton
Helen Justineau
Gemma Arterton was:
Paddy Considine
Sgt. Eddie Parks
Paddy Considine was:
Glenn Close
Dr. Caroline Caldwell
Glenn Close was:
Fisayo Akinade
Kieran Gallagher
Fisayo Akinade was:
Anamaria Marinca
Dr. Selkirk
Anamaria Marinca was:
Anthony Welsh
Anthony Welsh was:
Joe Lomas
Joe Lomas was:
Dominique Tipper
Dominique Tipper was:
Eli Lane
Eli Lane was:
Joel Sheldon
T-Shirt Boy
Joel Sheldon was:
Will Brooks
Painted Boy
Will Brooks was:
Tessa Morris
Rat Girl
Tessa Morris was:
Abigail Sams
Classroom Kid
Abigail Sams was:
Shay Gutteridge
Classroom kid
Shay Gutteridge was:
Elizabeth-Anne Fuller
Classroom Kid
Elizabeth-Anne Fuller was:
Callum Lloyd
Classroom Kid
Callum Lloyd was:
Alicia Morris
Feral Kid
Alicia Morris was:
Matthew Smallwood
Feral Kid
Matthew Smallwood was:
Macey Ward
Feral Kid
Macey Ward was:
Amy Newey
Feral Kid
Amy Newey was:
Elise Reed
Feral Child (Aarra)
Elise Reed was:
Joshua Smallwood
Feral Kid
Joshua Smallwood was:
Lobna Futers
Lobna Futers was:
Stacey Lynn Crowe
Stacey Lynn Crowe was:
Amy Floyd
Amy Floyd was:
Pete Buzzsaw Holland
Hungry 3 (uncredited)
Pete Buzzsaw Holland was:
A.k. Steppa
Hungry (uncredited)
A.k. Steppa was:
Alex Reed
Alex Reed was:
Richard Price
Hungry - Tree Hungry
Richard Price was:
Alexandria Wright
Tree Hungry
Alexandria Wright was:
Ita O'Brien
Pram Lady Hungry
Ita O'Brien was:
Ria Lopez
Ria Lopez was:
Sean Evans
Sean Evans was:
Ross Green
Ross Green was:
Daniel Jack Evans
Daniel Jack Evans was:
Samantha Rushton
Samantha Rushton was:
Pamela DeAbreu
Pamela DeAbreu was:
Rayn Khan
Hero Hungry
Rayn Khan was:
Matt Adcock
Matt Adcock was:
Jim Macie
Jim Macie was:
Daniel Eghan
Daniel Eghan was:
Laura Marie Howard
Laura Marie Howard was:
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