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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

Release Date: 2013-05-10 (7 years ago)
Leonardo DiCaprio
Jay Gatsby
Leonardo DiCaprio was:
Tobey Maguire
Nick Carraway
Tobey Maguire was:
Carey Mulligan
Daisy Buchanan
Carey Mulligan was:
Joel Edgerton
Tom Buchanan
Joel Edgerton was:
Elizabeth Debicki
Jordan Baker
Elizabeth Debicki was:
Isla Fisher
Myrtle Wilson
Isla Fisher was:
Jason Clarke
George Wilson
Jason Clarke was:
Amitabh Bachchan
Meyer Wolfsheim
Amitabh Bachchan was:
Callan McAuliffe
Teen Jay Gatsby
Callan McAuliffe was:
Adelaide Clemens
Adelaide Clemens was:
Steve Bisley
Dan Cody
Steve Bisley was:
Richard Carter
Richard Carter was:
Jack Thompson
Dr. Walter Perkins
Jack Thompson was:
Vince Colosimo
Vince Colosimo was:
Max Cullen
Owl Eyes
Max Cullen was:
Mal Day
The Boss-Probity Trust
Mal Day was:
Charlize Skinner
Charlize Skinner was:
Brendan Maclean
Brendan Maclean was:
Kate Mulvany
Mrs. McKee
Kate Mulvany was:
Kahlia Greksa
The Twins
Kahlia Greksa was:
Garrett William Fountain
Garrett William Fountain was:
David Furlong
Walter Chase
David Furlong was:
Daniel Gill
Police Commissioner
Daniel Gill was:
Trimalchio the Orchestra Leader
Iota was:
Barry Otto
Benny McClenahan
Barry Otto was:
John O'Connell
Newton Orchid
John O'Connell was:
Ben McIvor
Clerk - Probity Trust
Ben McIvor was:
Brian Rooney
Clerk - Probity Trust
Brian Rooney was:
Gemma Ward
Languid Girl
Gemma Ward was:
Goran D. Kleut
Head Waiter - Speakeasy
Goran D. Kleut was:
Denning Isles
Denning Isles was:
Ryan Cooper
Extra (uncredited)
Ryan Cooper was:
Kate Rutherford
Party Guest (uncredited)
Kate Rutherford was:
Heather Mitchell
Daisy's Mother
Heather Mitchell was:
Nick Tate
Taxi Driver
Nick Tate was:
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