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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of To the Victor

To the Victor

Release Date: Tuesday, October 26 1948 (73 years ago)
Portrait of Dennis MorganDennis Morgan
Paul Taggart
Dennis Morgan was:
Portrait of Viveca LindforsViveca Lindfors
Christine Lund Lestrac
Viveca Lindfors was:
Portrait of Anthony CarusoAnthony Caruso
Anthony Caruso was:
Portrait of William ConradWilliam Conrad
William Conrad was:
Portrait of Dorothy MaloneDorothy Malone
Dorothy Malone was:
Portrait of John BannerJohn Banner
Jacques Lestrac
John Banner was:
Portrait of Bruce BennettBruce Bennett
Bruce Bennett was:
Portrait of Victor FrancenVictor Francen
Police Inspector Beauvais
Victor Francen was:
Portrait of Eduardo CiannelliEduardo Ciannelli
Eduardo Ciannelli was:
Portrait of Tom D'AndreaTom D'Andrea
Gus Franklin
Tom D'Andrea was:
Portrait of Konstantin ShayneKonstantin Shayne
Konstantin Shayne was:
Portrait of Jean De BriacJean De Briac
Jean De Briac was:
Portrait of Joseph BuloffJoseph Buloff
Joseph Buloff was:
Portrait of Henry RowlandHenry Rowland
Hermann Zinzer
Henry Rowland was:
Portrait of Luis van RootenLuis van Rooten
Luis van Rooten was:
Portrait of Louis MercierLouis Mercier
Louis Mercier was:
Portrait of Clyde CookClyde Cook
Cockney Bartender
Clyde Cook was:
Portrait of George DavisGeorge Davis
French Waiter
George Davis was:
Portrait of Marcelle CordayMarcelle Corday
Elise, Pablo's housekeeper
Marcelle Corday was:
Portrait of Douglas KennedyDouglas Kennedy
Douglas Kennedy was:
Portrait of Alex AkimoffAlex Akimoff
Station Master (uncredited)
Alex Akimoff was:
Portrait of Marjorie BennettMarjorie Bennett
Pablo's Model (uncredited)
Marjorie Bennett was:
Portrait of Paul BryarPaul Bryar
Detective on Train (uncredited)
Paul Bryar was:
Portrait of Denise DarcelDenise Darcel
Bar Singer (uncredited)
Denise Darcel was:
Portrait of Marcel De La BrosseMarcel De La Brosse
Gendarme Outside Hotel (uncredited)
Marcel De La Brosse was:
Portrait of Curt FurburgCurt Furburg
Janitor (uncredited)
Curt Furburg was:
Portrait of Torben MeyerTorben Meyer
Elderly Frenchman (uncredited)
Torben Meyer was:
Portrait of Ray MontgomeryRay Montgomery
Soldier (uncredited)
Ray Montgomery was:
Portrait of Alfred PaixAlfred Paix
Street Artist (uncredited)
Alfred Paix was:
Portrait of Paul PanzerPaul Panzer
Paul Panzer was:
Portrait of George SorelGeorge Sorel
Man on Phone (uncredited)
George Sorel was:
Portrait of Felipe TurichFelipe Turich
Victor (uncredited)
Felipe Turich was:
Portrait of Jacques VillonJacques Villon
Student (uncredited)
Jacques Villon was:
Portrait of Richard WalshRichard Walsh
Soldier (uncredited)
Richard Walsh was:
Portrait of Joanee WayneJoanee Wayne
Gaby (uncredited)
Joanee Wayne was:
Portrait of Lottie WilliamsLottie Williams
American Woman Seeking Room (uncredited)
Lottie Williams was:
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