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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Racket Busters

Racket Busters

Release Date: 1938-07-16 (83 years ago)
Humphrey Bogart
John "Czar" Martin
Humphrey Bogart was:
George Brent
Denny Jordan
George Brent was:
Gloria Dickson
Nora Jordan
Gloria Dickson was:
Allen Jenkins
Skeets Wilson
Allen Jenkins was:
Walter Abel
Hugh Allison
Walter Abel was:
Henry O'Neill
Henry O'Neill was:
Penny Singleton
Gladys Christie
Penny Singleton was:
Anthony Averill
Dave Crane
Anthony Averill was:
Oscar O'Shea
Pop Wilson
Oscar O'Shea was:
Elliott Sullivan
Charlie Smith
Elliott Sullivan was:
Fay Helm
Mrs. Charlie Smith
Fay Helm was:
Joe Downing
Joe Pender
Joe Downing was:
Norman Willis
Gus Hawkins
Norman Willis was:
Don Rowan
Cliff Kimball
Don Rowan was:
Irving Bacon
Counter Man (uncredited)
Irving Bacon was:
Egon Brecher
Peters (uncredited)
Egon Brecher was:
Nat Carr
Merchant (uncredited)
Nat Carr was:
Glen Cavender
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Glen Cavender was:
Eddy Chandler
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Eddy Chandler was:
Loia Cheaney
Angry Woman At Strike (uncredited)
Loia Cheaney was:
Harvey Clark
Merchant (uncredited)
Harvey Clark was:
Georgie Cooper
Woman On Platform (uncredited)
Georgie Cooper was:
Mary Currier
Mrs. Hugh Allison (uncredited)
Mary Currier was:
William B. Davidson
Trucking Chairman (uncredited)
William B. Davidson was:
Alan Davis
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Alan Davis was:
Joe De Stefani
Proprietor (uncredited)
Joe De Stefani was:
Joe Devlin
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Joe Devlin was:
John Dilson
Mr. Robbins (uncredited)
John Dilson was:
Jack Gardner
Gas Station Attendant (uncredited)
Jack Gardner was:
Jack A. Goodrich
Clerk (uncredited)
Jack A. Goodrich was:
William Gould
Police Sergeant (uncredited)
William Gould was:
Harrison Greene
Merchant (uncredited)
Harrison Greene was:
John Harron
Allison's Stenographer (uncredited)
John Harron was:
Gordon Hart
Minister (uncredited)
Gordon Hart was:
Lew Harvey
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Lew Harvey was:
Herbert Heywood
Gas Station Owner (uncredited)
Herbert Heywood was:
Jan Holm
Cotwald Sanitarium Nurse (uncredited)
Jan Holm was:
Stuart Holmes
Vic Thompson (uncredited)
Stuart Holmes was:
Paul Irving
John H. Herbert (uncredited)
Paul Irving was:
Frank Jaquet
City Hospital Doctor #1 (uncredited)
Frank Jaquet was:
Jack Kenney
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Jack Kenney was:
Ethan Laidlaw
Martin's Henchman (uncredited)
Ethan Laidlaw was:
Vera Lewis
Jordan's Neighbor (uncredited)
Vera Lewis was:
George Lloyd
Truck Driver (uncredited)
George Lloyd was:
Jean Maddox
Angry Woman at Strike (uncredited)
Jean Maddox was:
Bruce Mitchell
Deputy (uncredited)
Bruce Mitchell was:
Jack Mower
Plainclothesman (uncredited)
Jack Mower was:
Harry Myers
Court Stenographer (uncredited)
Harry Myers was:
James Nolan
Jim Smith (uncredited)
James Nolan was:
Wedgwood Nowell
Business Man (uncredited)
Wedgwood Nowell was:
Jimmy O'Gatty
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Jimmy O'Gatty was:
Paul Panzer
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Paul Panzer was:
Bob Perry
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Bob Perry was:
James Pierce
Martin's Henchman (uncredited)
James Pierce was:
Dick Rich
Truck Driver Sick of Pop (uncredited)
Dick Rich was:
John Ridgely
Yellow Stripe Truck Driver (uncredited)
John Ridgely was:
Cliff Saum
Policeman (uncredited)
Cliff Saum was:
Edwin Stanley
Cotwald Sanitarium Doctor #2 (uncredited)
Edwin Stanley was:
Robert Strange
Martin's Lawyer (uncredited)
Robert Strange was:
Harry Tenbrook
Martin's Henchman (uncredited)
Harry Tenbrook was:
Charles Trowbridge
Martin's Trial Judge #2 (uncredited)
Charles Trowbridge was:
Don Turner
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Don Turner was:
Dale van Sickel
Special Officer (uncredited)
Dale van Sickel was:
Monte Vandergrift
Detective (uncredited)
Monte Vandergrift was:
Dick Wessel
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Dick Wessel was:
Cecil Weston
Angry Woman at Strike (uncredited)
Cecil Weston was:
Jack Wise
Cashier (uncredited)
Jack Wise was:
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