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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

She Couldn't Say No

She Couldn't Say No

Release Date: 1954-02-15 (67 years ago)
Robert Mitchum
Doctor Robert Sellers
Robert Mitchum was:
Jean Simmons
Corby Lane (Corby Johnson)
Jean Simmons was:
Arthur Hunnicutt
Odie Chalmers
Arthur Hunnicutt was:
Edgar Buchanan
Ed Meeker
Edgar Buchanan was:
Wallace Ford
Joe Wheelen
Wallace Ford was:
Raymond Walburn
Judge Hobart
Raymond Walburn was:
Jimmy Hunt
Jimmy Hunt was:
Ralph Dumke
Ralph Dumke was:
Hope Landin
Miss McMurtry
Hope Landin was:
Gus Schilling
Ed Gruman
Gus Schilling was:
Eleanor Todd
Sally Watson
Eleanor Todd was:
Pinky Tomlin
Elmer Wooley
Pinky Tomlin was:
Tol Avery
Big Guy
Tol Avery was:
Chet Brandenburg
Out-of-Towner (uncredited)
Chet Brandenburg was:
Morgan Brown
Minor Role (uncredited)
Morgan Brown was:
Dabbs Greer
Dick Jordan
Dabbs Greer was:
Jonathan Hale
John Bentley
Jonathan Hale was:
Florence Lake
Mrs. Gruman
Florence Lake was:
Clarence Muse
Diaper Delivery Man
Clarence Muse was:
Burt Mustin
Burt Mustin was:
Carl Sklover
Minor Role (uncredited)
Carl Sklover was:
Martha Wentworth
Mrs. Holbert
Martha Wentworth was:
Dan White
Harley Burger
Dan White was:
Gloria Winters
Barbara Jordan
Gloria Winters was:
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