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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Upstairs and Downstairs

Upstairs and Downstairs

Release Date: 1959-11-02 (61 years ago)
Michael Craig
Richard Barry
Michael Craig was:
Anne Heywood
Kate Barry
Anne Heywood was:
Mylène Demongeot
Mylène Demongeot was:
Claudia Cardinale
Claudia Cardinale was:
Barbara Steele
Barbara Steele was:
James Robertson Justice
James Robertson Justice was:
Eric Pohlmann
Eric Pohlmann was:
Joan Hickson
Joan Hickson was:
Joan Sims
Joan Sims was:
Marie Devereux
Italian Hotel Maid (uncredited)
Marie Devereux was:
Oliver Reed
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Oliver Reed was:
Sid James
P.C. Edwards
Sid James was:
Joseph Tomelty
Arthur Farringdon
Joseph Tomelty was:
Nora Nicholson
Edith Farringdon
Nora Nicholson was:
Daniel Massey
Wesley Cotes
Daniel Massey was:
Austin Willis
Austin Willis was:
Margalo Gillmore
Mrs. McGuffey
Margalo Gillmore was:
Reginald Beckwith
Reginald Beckwith was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Dilys Laye
Agency Girl
Dilys Laye was:
Irene Handl
Large Woman
Irene Handl was:
William Mervyn
William Mervyn was:
Jean Cadell
1st Old Lady
Jean Cadell was:
Barbara Everest
2nd Old Lady
Barbara Everest was:
Nicholas Phipps
Nicholas Phipps was:
Jeremy Burnham
Jeremy Burnham was:
Nicholas Parsons
Nicholas Parsons was:
Madge Ryan
Madge Ryan was:
Betty Henderson
Betty Henderson was:
Hyma Beckley
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Hyma Beckley was:
Gaylord Cavallaro
Rocky, the Sailor (uncredited)
Gaylord Cavallaro was:
Bill Edwards
Sailor (uncredited)
Bill Edwards was:
Shirley Anne Field
Arriving Passenger 2 (uncredited)
Shirley Anne Field was:
Susan Hampshire
Arriving Passenger 3 (uncredited)
Susan Hampshire was:
Victor Harrington
Man in Restaurant (uncredited)
Victor Harrington was:
Burt Kwouk
Chinese Restaurant Proprietor (uncredited)
Burt Kwouk was:
Sam Kydd
Driver (uncredited)
Sam Kydd was:
Harry Locke
Train Ticket Inspector (uncredited)
Harry Locke was:
Stephen Gregson
Stephen Gregson was:
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