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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Spy in Black

The Spy in Black

Release Date: 1939-08-03 (81 years ago)
Conrad Veidt
Captain Ernst Hardt
Conrad Veidt was:
Sebastian Shaw
Sebastian Shaw was:
Valerie Hobson
The School Mistress
Valerie Hobson was:
Marius Goring
Lieutenant Felix Schuster
Marius Goring was:
June Duprez
Anne Burnett
June Duprez was:
Athole Stewart
The Rev. Hector Matthews
Athole Stewart was:
Agnes Lauchlan
Mrs. Matthews
Agnes Lauchlan was:
Helen Haye
Mrs. Sedley
Helen Haye was:
Cyril Raymond
The Rev. John Harris
Cyril Raymond was:
George Summers
Captain Ratter
George Summers was:
Hay Petrie
Hay Petrie was:
Grant Sutherland
Bob Bratt
Grant Sutherland was:
Robert Rendel
Robert Rendel was:
Mary Morris
Mary Morris was:
Margaret Moffatt
Margaret Moffatt was:
Kenneth Warrington
Commander Denis
Kenneth Warrington was:
Torin Thatcher
Submarine Officer
Torin Thatcher was:
Esma Cannon
Esma Cannon was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Bit Part (uncredited)
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Bryan Herbert
Corporal Guarding POW's on Ferry
Bryan Herbert was:
Skelton Knaggs
German Sailor looking for Capt. Hardt
Skelton Knaggs was:
Howard Marion-Crawford
German Officer in Kieler Hof Hotel
Howard Marion-Crawford was:
Bernard Miles
Hans - Hotel Receptionist
Bernard Miles was:
John Penrose
Newlywed at Kiel Hotel
John Penrose was:
Johnnie Schofield
Armed Guard of POWs on Ferry
Johnnie Schofield was:
Diana Sinclair-Hall
Undetermined Minor Role (uncredited)
Diana Sinclair-Hall was:
Graham Stark
Bell Boy (uncredited)
Graham Stark was:
Jack Lambert
Passport Official (uncredited)
Jack Lambert was:
Jeanne Macintyre
German Girl (uncredited)
Jeanne Macintyre was:
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