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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Forbidden Cargo

Forbidden Cargo

Release Date: 1954-05-04 (67 years ago)
Jack Warner
Maj. Alec White
Jack Warner was:
Nigel Patrick
Insp. Michael Kenyon
Nigel Patrick was:
Elizabeth Sellars
Rita Compton
Elizabeth Sellars was:
Terence Morgan
Roger Compton
Terence Morgan was:
Greta Gynt
Mme. Simonetta
Greta Gynt was:
Theodore Bikel
Theodore Bikel was:
Eric Pohlmann
Steven Lasovich
Eric Pohlmann was:
Joyce Grenfell
Lady Flavia Queensway
Joyce Grenfell was:
Michael Hordern
Director of Customs
Michael Hordern was:
James Gilbert
Agent Larkins
James Gilbert was:
Martin Boddey
Sub-Director Holt
Martin Boddey was:
Hal Osmond
Baggage Room Clerk
Hal Osmond was:
Jacques Brunius
Det. Pierre Valance
Jacques Brunius was:
Ronald Adam
Mr. Bennett
Ronald Adam was:
Jill Adams
Michael's Dance Partner (uncredited)
Jill Adams was:
John Arnatt
Customs Officer (uncredited)
John Arnatt was:
Ballard Berkeley
Ballard Berkeley was:
Jacques Cey
Little Frenchman
Jacques Cey was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Customs Officer
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Philip Dale
Philip Dale was:
David Davies
David Davies was:
Guy De Monceau
Head Waiter (uncredited)
Guy De Monceau was:
Arnold Diamond
French Customs Officer
Arnold Diamond was:
Tom Gill
Montana Hotel Receptionist
Tom Gill was:
Campbell Gray
Campbell Gray was:
George Hilsdon
Police Driver (uncredited)
George Hilsdon was:
John Horsley
Customs Officer
John Horsley was:
Robin Hunter
Robin Hunter was:
Douglas Ives
Douglas Ives was:
Hamilton Keene
Cop at London Airport
Hamilton Keene was:
Lloyd Lamble
Captain of Python
Lloyd Lamble was:
Terence Longdon
A.P.O. at Customs Launch
Terence Longdon was:
Nicholas Phipps
Royal Navy Information Officer
Nicholas Phipps was:
Denis Shaw
Ship's Cook
Denis Shaw was:
Campbell Singer
Sergeant Dodson, River Police
Campbell Singer was:
John Singer
John Singer was:
Philip Stainton
Seaburyness Police Sergeant
Philip Stainton was:
Herbert C. Walton
Old Man in Dungarees
Herbert C. Walton was:
Brian Wilde
Smuggler at Airfield
Brian Wilde was:
Joan Winmill Brown
Joan Winmill Brown was:
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