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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Doctor in Love

Doctor in Love

Release Date: 1960-07-12 (61 years ago)
Michael Craig
Dr Richard Hare
Michael Craig was:
Virginia Maskell
Dr Nicola Berrington
Virginia Maskell was:
Leslie Phillips
Dr Tony Burke
Leslie Phillips was:
James Robertson Justice
Sir Lancelot Spratt
James Robertson Justice was:
Nicholas Phipps
Dr Clive Cardew
Nicholas Phipps was:
Carole Lesley
Kitten Strudwick
Carole Lesley was:
John Le Mesurier
Dr Mincing
John Le Mesurier was:
Joan Sims
Joan Sims was:
Reginald Beckwith
Reginald Beckwith was:
Liz Fraser
Liz Fraser was:
Ambrosine Phillpotts
Lady Spratt
Ambrosine Phillpotts was:
Fenella Fielding
Mrs. Tadwich
Fenella Fielding was:
Irene Handl
Professor MacRitchie
Irene Handl was:
Esma Cannon
Rafia Woman (uncredited)
Esma Cannon was:
Ronnie Stevens
Harold Green
Ronnie Stevens was:
Nicholas Parsons
Dr. Hinxman
Nicholas Parsons was:
Sheila Hancock
Librarian (uncredited)
Sheila Hancock was:
Rosalind Knight
Doctor (uncredited)
Rosalind Knight was:
Patrick Cargill
Car Salesman (uncredited)
Patrick Cargill was:
Joan Hickson
Nurse (uncredited)
Joan Hickson was:
Moira Redmond
Sally Nightingale
Moira Redmond was:
Michael Ward
Dr. Flower
Michael Ward was:
Angela Browne
Susan, Occupational Therapist (uncredited)
Angela Browne was:
Avis Bunnage
Mrs. Jimp (uncredited)
Avis Bunnage was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Bit Part (uncredited)
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Bill Fraser
Police Sergeant (uncredited)
Bill Fraser was:
Warren Mitchell
Haystack Club Manager (uncredited)
Warren Mitchell was:
John Junkin
Policeman (uncredited)
John Junkin was:
Marianne Stone
Hospital Sister (uncredited)
Marianne Stone was:
John Moulder-Brown
Boy (uncredited)
John Moulder-Brown was:
Peter Sallis
Lovestruck Patient (uncredited)
Peter Sallis was:
Norman Rossington
Strip Club Doorman (uncredited)
Norman Rossington was:
Meredith Edwards
Meredith Edwards was:
Sheila Aza
Visitor (uncredited)
Sheila Aza was:
John Blythe
Haystack Club Barman (uncredited)
John Blythe was:
Fay Bura
Dr. Harvey (uncredited)
Fay Bura was:
Donald Churchill
Doctor (uncredited)
Donald Churchill was:
Roland Curram
Student Doctor
Roland Curram was:
Jack Dearlove
Waiter (uncredited)
Jack Dearlove was:
Sally Douglas
Dancer in Strip Show (uncredited)
Sally Douglas was:
Eve Eden
Dancer in Strip Show (uncredited)
Eve Eden was:
Fred Griffiths
Ambulance Driver (uncredited)
Fred Griffiths was:
Douglas Ives
Furniture Remover (uncredited)
Douglas Ives was:
Billy John
Doctor at Lecture (uncredited)
Billy John was:
Charles Lloyd Pack
Hospital Dean (uncredited)
Charles Lloyd Pack was:
Derek Prentice
Doctor in Lecture (uncredited)
Derek Prentice was:
Robin Ray
Doctor (uncredited)
Robin Ray was:
John Tatham
Haystack Club Patron (uncredited)
John Tatham was:
Jimmy Thompson
Doctor (uncredited)
Jimmy Thompson was:
Martin Wyldeck
Police Officer (uncredited)
Martin Wyldeck was:
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