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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Blue Murder at St. Trinian's

Blue Murder at St. Trinian's

Release Date: 1957-12-01 (63 years ago)
Captain Romney Carlton-Ricketts
Terry-Thomas was:
George Cole
'Flash' Harry
George Cole was:
Joyce Grenfell
Policewoman Sergeant Ruby Gates
Joyce Grenfell was:
Alastair Sim
Miss Amelia Fritton
Alastair Sim was:
Sabrina was:
Lionel Jeffries
Joe Mangan
Lionel Jeffries was:
Ferdy Mayne
Italian Police Inspector
Ferdy Mayne was:
Thorley Walters
Major Whitehart
Thorley Walters was:
Michael Ripper
Eric - The Liftman
Michael Ripper was:
Lesley Scoble
Schoolgirl (uncredited)
Lesley Scoble was:
Terry Scott
Police Sergeant
Terry Scott was:
Lloyd Lamble
Superintendent Samuel Kemp-Bird
Lloyd Lamble was:
Raymond Rollett
Chief Constable
Raymond Rollett was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Army Captain
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Ronald Ibbs
Ronald Ibbs was:
Judith Furse
Dame Maud Hackshaw
Judith Furse was:
Kenneth Griffith
Charlie Bull
Kenneth Griffith was:
Richard Wattis
Manton Bassett
Richard Wattis was:
Peter Jones
Peter Jones was:
Lisa Lee
Miss Brenner
Lisa Lee was:
Guido Lorraine
Prince Bruno
Guido Lorraine was:
Alma Taylor
Prince Bruno's Mother
Alma Taylor was:
Peter Elliott
Peter Elliott was:
Charles Lloyd Pack
Henry Roberts - Prison Governor
Charles Lloyd Pack was:
Lisa Gastoni
Myrna Mangan
Lisa Gastoni was:
Dilys Laye
Bridget Strong
Dilys Laye was:
Rosalind Knight
Rosalind Knight was:
Marigold Russell
Marigold Russell was:
Nicola Braithwaite
Nicola Braithwaite was:
Mandy Harper
Mandy Harper was:
Eric Barker
Culpepper Brown
Eric Barker was:
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