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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Lilac Time

Lilac Time

Release Date: Thursday, October 18 1928 (93 years ago)
Portrait of Colleen MooreColleen Moore
Colleen Moore was:
Portrait of Gary CooperGary Cooper
Capt. Philip Blythe
Gary Cooper was:
Portrait of Eugenie BessererEugenie Besserer
Madame Berthelot
Eugenie Besserer was:
Portrait of Burr McIntoshBurr McIntosh
Gen. Blythe
Burr McIntosh was:
Portrait of Kathryn McGuireKathryn McGuire
Lady Iris Rankin
Kathryn McGuire was:
Portrait of Cleve MooreCleve Moore
Capt. Russell (flight commander)
Cleve Moore was:
Portrait of Arthur LakeArthur Lake
The Unlucky One
Arthur Lake was:
Portrait of Richard JarvisRichard Jarvis
Richard Jarvis was:
Portrait of Jack StoneyJack Stoney
The Kid
Jack Stoney was:
Portrait of Dan DowlingDan Dowling
Dan Dowling was:
Portrait of Dick GraceDick Grace
Dick Grace was:
Portrait of Stuart KnoxStuart Knox
Stuart Knox was:
Portrait of Jack PonderJack Ponder
Jack Ponder was:
Portrait of Harlan HiltonHarlan Hilton
Harlan Hilton was:
Portrait of George CooperGeorge Cooper
Mechanic's Helper
George Cooper was:
Portrait of Edward DillonEdward Dillon
Mike the Mechanic
Edward Dillon was:
Portrait of Émile ChautardÉmile Chautard
The Mayor
Émile Chautard was:
Portrait of Eddie ClaytonEddie Clayton
The Enemy Ace
Eddie Clayton was:
Portrait of Dan MasonDan Mason
Dan Mason was:
Portrait of Philo McCulloughPhilo McCullough
German Officer (uncredited)
Philo McCullough was:
Portrait of Nelson McDowellNelson McDowell
French Drummer (uncredited)
Nelson McDowell was:
Portrait of J. Gunnis DavisJ. Gunnis Davis
Bit Part (uncredited)
J. Gunnis Davis was:
Portrait of Frankie GenardiFrankie Genardi
Frankie Genardi was:
Portrait of Paul HurstPaul Hurst
Paul Hurst was:
Portrait of Yolanda KrugerYolanda Kruger
Yolanda Kruger was:
Portrait of Harold LockwoodHarold Lockwood
Harold Lockwood was:
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