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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Ella Cinders

Ella Cinders

Release Date: Sunday, June 6 1926 (96 years ago)
Portrait of Colleen MooreColleen Moore
Ella Cinders
Colleen Moore was:
Portrait of Lloyd HughesLloyd Hughes
Waite Lifter
Lloyd Hughes was:
Portrait of Vera LewisVera Lewis
Ma Cinders
Vera Lewis was:
Portrait of Doris BakerDoris Baker
Lotta Pill
Doris Baker was:
Portrait of Emily GerdesEmily Gerdes
Prissy Pill
Emily Gerdes was:
Portrait of Mike DonlinMike Donlin
Film Studio Gateman
Mike Donlin was:
Portrait of Jed ProutyJed Prouty
Jed Prouty was:
Portrait of Jack DuffyJack Duffy
Fire Chief
Jack Duffy was:
Portrait of Harry AllenHarry Allen
Harry Allen was:
Portrait of Alfred E. GreenAlfred E. Green
Alfred E. Green was:
Portrait of D'Arcy CorriganD'Arcy Corrigan
D'Arcy Corrigan was:
Portrait of Billy ButtsBilly Butts
Neighbor Kid (uncredited)
Billy Butts was:
Portrait of John D. BlossJohn D. Bloss
Child entering movie studio (uncredited)
John D. Bloss was:
Portrait of E.H. CalvertE.H. Calvert
Studio Actor (uncredited)
E.H. Calvert was:
Portrait of Wendell Phillips FranklinWendell Phillips Franklin
Union Ice Wagon Driver (uncredited)
Wendell Phillips Franklin was:
Portrait of Russell HoptonRussell Hopton
Studio Actor (uncredited)
Russell Hopton was:
Portrait of Audrey HowellAudrey Howell
Child entering movie studio (uncredited)
Audrey Howell was:
Portrait of Harry LangdonHarry Langdon
Himself (uncredited)
Harry Langdon was:
Portrait of Malcolm SebastianMalcolm Sebastian
Neighbor Kid (uncredited)
Malcolm Sebastian was:
Portrait of Buddy SmithBuddy Smith
Neighbor Kid (uncredited)
Buddy Smith was:
Portrait of Chief YowlachieChief Yowlachie
Indian with Cigar (uncredited)
Chief Yowlachie was:
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