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Poster of Bon Cop Bad Cop

Bon Cop Bad Cop

Release Date: Thursday, July 6 2006 (16 years ago)
Portrait of Patrick HuardPatrick Huard
David Bouchard
Patrick Huard was:
Portrait of Colm FeoreColm Feore
Martin Ward
Colm Feore was:
Portrait of Michel BeaudryMichel Beaudry
Michel Beaudry was:
Portrait of Patrice BélangerPatrice Bélanger
Tattoo Killer
Patrice Bélanger was:
Portrait of Hugolin ChevretteHugolin Chevrette
Hugolin Chevrette was:
Portrait of Richard HowlandRichard Howland
Harry Buttman
Richard Howland was:
Portrait of Erik KnudsenErik Knudsen
Jonathan Ward
Erik Knudsen was:
Portrait of Sarah-Jeanne LabrosseSarah-Jeanne Labrosse
Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse was:
Portrait of Sarain BoylanSarain Boylan
Iris Ward
Sarain Boylan was:
Portrait of Nicolas CanuelNicolas Canuel
Animateur radio de Montréal
Nicolas Canuel was:
Portrait of Lucie LaurierLucie Laurier
Lucie Laurier was:
Portrait of Pierre LebeauPierre Lebeau
Capt. Le Boeuf
Pierre Lebeau was:
Portrait of Louis-José HoudeLouis-José Houde
Louis-José Houde was:
Portrait of Rick MercerRick Mercer
Tom Berry
Rick Mercer was:
Portrait of Pierre BoudreauPierre Boudreau
Falardeau le castor
Pierre Boudreau was:
Portrait of Manon BrunelleManon Brunelle
Rita la barmaid
Manon Brunelle was:
Portrait of Fayolle JeanFayolle Jean
Chauffeur de taxi
Fayolle Jean was:
Portrait of Ron FournierRon Fournier
Ron Fournier was:
Portrait of Alain GoulemAlain Goulem
Animateur de radio Toronto
Alain Goulem was:
Portrait of Amélie GrenierAmélie Grenier
Secrétaire Libellule EPP
Amélie Grenier was:
Portrait of Pierre HoudePierre Houde
Pierre Houde was:
Portrait of André RobitailleAndré Robitaille
Benoit Brisset
André Robitaille was:
Portrait of Gilles RenaudGilles Renaud
Michel Grossbut
Gilles Renaud was:
Portrait of Nanette WorkmanNanette Workman
Enseignante de ballet
Nanette Workman was:
Portrait of Robert JadahRobert Jadah
Robert Jadah was:
Portrait of Marcel JeanninMarcel Jeannin
Attaché de presse
Marcel Jeannin was:
Portrait of Kevin KelsallKevin Kelsall
Kevin Kelsall was:
Portrait of Christophe LaPierChristophe LaPier
Détective SQ
Christophe LaPier was:
Portrait of Ron LeaRon Lea
Brian MacDuff
Ron Lea was:
Portrait of Sylvain MarcelSylvain Marcel
Luc Therrien
Sylvain Marcel was:
Portrait of Amy SobolAmy Sobol
Assistante de Tom Berry
Amy Sobol was:
Portrait of Paul StewartPaul Stewart
Paul Stewart was:
Portrait of Scott TaylorScott Taylor
Garde du corps russe
Scott Taylor was:
Portrait of Martin ThibaudeauMartin Thibaudeau
Policier torontois
Martin Thibaudeau was:
Portrait of Patrick VandalPatrick Vandal
Patrick Vandal was:
Portrait of Lou VaniLou Vani
Chauffeur de surfaceuse à glace
Lou Vani was:
Portrait of Eric WellmanEric Wellman
Maquilleur du studio de télévision
Eric Wellman was:
Portrait of Anatoly ZinovievAnatoly Zinoviev
Garde du corps russe
Anatoly Zinoviev was:
Portrait of François LambertFrançois Lambert
SQ Officier
François Lambert was:
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