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Poster of The Fountain

The Fountain

Release Date: Wednesday, August 22 1934 (87 years ago)
Portrait of Ann HardingAnn Harding
Julie von Marwitz
Ann Harding was:
Portrait of Brian AherneBrian Aherne
Lewis Allison
Brian Aherne was:
Portrait of Paul LukasPaul Lukas
Rupert von Marwitz
Paul Lukas was:
Portrait of Jean HersholtJean Hersholt
Baron von Leyden
Jean Hersholt was:
Portrait of Ralph ForbesRalph Forbes
Ralph Forbes was:
Portrait of Violet Kemble CooperViolet Kemble Cooper
Baroness Van Leyden
Violet Kemble Cooper was:
Portrait of Sara HadenSara Haden
Sophie Van Leyden
Sara Haden was:
Portrait of Ian WolfeIan Wolfe
Van Arkel
Ian Wolfe was:
Portrait of Frank ReicherFrank Reicher
Frank Reicher was:
Portrait of Barbara BarondessBarbara Barondess
Barbara Barondess was:
Portrait of Richard AbbottRichard Abbott
Allard Van Leyden
Richard Abbott was:
Portrait of Rudolph AndersRudolph Anders
Geof Van Leyden
Rudolph Anders was:
Portrait of Betty AldenBetty Alden
Allard's wife
Betty Alden was:
Portrait of Douglas WoodDouglas Wood
de Greve
Douglas Wood was:
Portrait of Ferike BorosFerike Boros
Ferike Boros was:
Portrait of William StackWilliam Stack
William Stack was:
Portrait of Christian RubChristian Rub
Christian Rub was:
Portrait of Charles McNaughtonCharles McNaughton
Charles McNaughton was:
Portrait of Desmond RobertsDesmond Roberts
Desmond Roberts was:
Portrait of Mario DominiciMario Dominici
Mario Dominici was:
Portrait of Marina KoshetzMarina Koshetz
Marina Koshetz was:
Portrait of J. M. KerriganJ. M. Kerrigan
J. M. Kerrigan was:
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