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Release Date: 1945-12-28 (75 years ago)
Clark Gable
Harry Patterson
Clark Gable was:
Greer Garson
Emily Sears
Greer Garson was:
Joan Blondell
Helen Melohn
Joan Blondell was:
Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell was:
Tom Tully
Tom Tully was:
John Qualen
Model T
John Qualen was:
Richard Haydn
Richard Haydn was:
Lina Romay
Lina Romay was:
Philip Merivale
Old Ramon Estado
Philip Merivale was:
Harry Davenport
Dr. Ashton
Harry Davenport was:
Tito Renaldo
Young Ramon Estado
Tito Renaldo was:
Morris Ankrum
Mr. Ludlow - Farmer (uncredited)
Morris Ankrum was:
Barbara Billingsley
Dame #2 (uncredited)
Barbara Billingsley was:
Betty Blythe
Mrs. Buckley (uncredited)
Betty Blythe was:
Bess Flowers
Hat Shop Clerk (uncredited)
Bess Flowers was:
Dorothy Granger
Cashier (uncredited)
Dorothy Granger was:
Robert Emmett O'Connor
Man in Cantina (uncredited)
Robert Emmett O'Connor was:
Ray Teal
Steve - Maritime Commissioner (uncredited)
Ray Teal was:
Martha Wentworth
Woman (uncredited)
Martha Wentworth was:
Byron Foulger
Byron Foulger was:
Dick Elliott
Dick Elliott was:
Harry Tyler
Harry Tyler was:
Pierre Watkin
Mr. Buckley
Pierre Watkin was:
Martín Garralaga
Martín Garralaga was:
Esther Howard
Woman with Mudgin in bar
Esther Howard was:
Stanley Andrews
Bit Part (unconfirmed)
Stanley Andrews was:
Florence Auer
Landlady (unconfirmed)
Florence Auer was:
Pedro de Cordoba
Felipe (unconfirmed)
Pedro de Cordoba was:
Rex Ingram
Preacher (unconfirmed)
Rex Ingram was:
Garry Owen
Jabbo (unconfirmed)
Garry Owen was:
Harry Wilson
Big Mug (unconfirmed)
Harry Wilson was:
Richard Abbott
Clerk (uncredited)
Richard Abbott was:
Clay Anderson
Young Doctor (uncredited)
Clay Anderson was:
Martha Bamattre
Minor Role (uncredited)
Martha Bamattre was:
Nina Bara
Girl (uncredited)
Nina Bara was:
Bill Beauman
Man in Library (uncredited)
Bill Beauman was:
Vangie Beilby
Woman in Library (uncredited)
Vangie Beilby was:
Genevieve Bell
Woman in Library (uncredited)
Genevieve Bell was:
John Berkes
Bum (uncredited)
John Berkes was:
Paul Birch
First Mate (uncredited)
Paul Birch was:
Aileen Carlyle
Matron (uncredited)
Aileen Carlyle was:
Barbara Combs
Minor Role (uncredited)
Barbara Combs was:
Zedra Conde
Girl (uncredited)
Zedra Conde was:
Miguel Contreras
Man in Cantina (uncredited)
Miguel Contreras was:
D'Arcy Corrigan
Man in Library (uncredited)
D'Arcy Corrigan was:
Franco Corsaro
Waiter in Cantina (uncredited)
Franco Corsaro was:
Lita Cortez
South American Girl in Cantina (uncredited)
Lita Cortez was:
Joseph Crehan
Ed - Maritime Office (uncredited)
Joseph Crehan was:
James Darrell
Officer (uncredited)
James Darrell was:
Max Davidson
Man in Library (uncredited)
Max Davidson was:
Sayre Dearing
Roulette Man (uncredited)
Sayre Dearing was:
Harry Denny
Man in Library (uncredited)
Harry Denny was:
George L. Derrick
Man in Cantina (uncredited)
George L. Derrick was:
Carli Elinor
Man in Library (uncredited)
Carli Elinor was:
Fred Farrell
Reader (uncredited)
Fred Farrell was:
Fred Fox
Man in Library (uncredited)
Fred Fox was:
Myron Geiger
Bartender (uncredited)
Myron Geiger was:
Jon Gilbreath
Seaman (uncredited)
Jon Gilbreath was:
Augie Gomez
Hack Driver (uncredited)
Augie Gomez was:
Charles Haefeli
Faro Dealer (uncredited)
Charles Haefeli was:
Frank Hagney
Boss (uncredited)
Frank Hagney was:
John Harmon
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
John Harmon was:
Eddie Hart
Milkman (uncredited)
Eddie Hart was:
Fred Hoose
Reader (uncredited)
Fred Hoose was:
Gladden James
Barber (uncredited)
Gladden James was:
Joseph Kamaryt
Reader (uncredited)
Joseph Kamaryt was:
Jack Kenney
Man in Library (uncredited)
Jack Kenney was:
Tom Kingston
Chip Man (uncredited)
Tom Kingston was:
Walter Knox
Blackboot (uncredited)
Walter Knox was:
Charles La Torre
Tony the Merchant (uncredited)
Charles La Torre was:
Toni LaRue
Girl (uncredited)
Toni LaRue was:
Ila Lee
Minor Role (uncredited)
Ila Lee was:
Gene Leslie
Man in Library (uncredited)
Gene Leslie was:
Marta Linden
Woman with Gus in Bar (uncredited)
Marta Linden was:
Al Masiello
Barber (uncredited)
Al Masiello was:
Eric Mayne
Man in Library (uncredited)
Eric Mayne was:
Claire McDowell
Woman in Library (uncredited)
Claire McDowell was:
Ray H. McKay
Barber (uncredited)
Ray H. McKay was:
Helen McLeod
South American Girl in Cantina (uncredited)
Helen McLeod was:
Charles Meakin
Man in Library (uncredited)
Charles Meakin was:
Kay Medford
Red (uncredited)
Kay Medford was:
Hercules Mendez
Man in Cantina (uncredited)
Hercules Mendez was:
Chef Milani
Rudolfo (uncredited)
Chef Milani was:
Charles Millsfield
Man in Library (uncredited)
Charles Millsfield was:
Margaret Millsfield
Woman in Library (uncredited)
Margaret Millsfield was:
Connie Montoya
South American Girl in Cantina (uncredited)
Connie Montoya was:
Sue Moore
Dame #4 (uncredited)
Sue Moore was:
Tim Murdock
Intern (uncredited)
Tim Murdock was:
Bill Mussetter
Man in Library (uncredited)
Bill Mussetter was:
William Newell
Barber #1 (uncredited)
William Newell was:
Alex Novinsky
Man in Library (uncredited)
Alex Novinsky was:
Kanza Omar
Girl (uncredited)
Kanza Omar was:
Alexander Palasthy
Man in Library (uncredited)
Alexander Palasthy was:
George Peters
Navy Gun Crew Member (uncredited)
George Peters was:
Ralph Peters
Joe (uncredited)
Ralph Peters was:
Frank Pharr
Reader (uncredited)
Frank Pharr was:
Lee Phelps
Bartender at Frank & Bob's Place (uncredited)
Lee Phelps was:
June Pickerell
Nurse (uncredited)
June Pickerell was:
John Piffle
Man in Library (uncredited)
John Piffle was:
Cliff Powell
Navy Gun Crew Member (uncredited)
Cliff Powell was:
Rebel Randall
Dame #3 (uncredited)
Rebel Randall was:
Ed Randolph
Craps Man (uncredited)
Ed Randolph was:
Charles Regan
Chip Man (uncredited)
Charles Regan was:
Blanche Rose
Woman in Library (uncredited)
Blanche Rose was:
Elizabeth Russell
Dame #1 (uncredited)
Elizabeth Russell was:
Jeffrey Sayre
Wheel of Fortune (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre was:
Charles Sherlock
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Charles Sherlock was:
Pietro Sosso
Man in Library (uncredited)
Pietro Sosso was:
Paul Stader
Bouncer (uncredited)
Paul Stader was:
Count Stefenelli
Man in Library (uncredited)
Count Stefenelli was:
Jack Sterling
Bouncer (uncredited)
Jack Sterling was:
Charles Stevens
Man in Cantina (uncredited)
Charles Stevens was:
George Suzanne
Barfly (uncredited)
George Suzanne was:
Joan Thorsen
Model (uncredited)
Joan Thorsen was:
Audrey Totter
Ethel (uncredited)
Audrey Totter was:
Dale van Sickel
Dance Floor Brawler (uncredited)
Dale van Sickel was:
Dorothy Vaughan
Mrs. Ludlow (uncredited)
Dorothy Vaughan was:
William Wagner
Man in Library (uncredited)
William Wagner was:
Marjorie Wood
Nurse (uncredited)
Marjorie Wood was:
Roque Ybarra
Foreign Cab Driver (uncredited)
Roque Ybarra was:
Jack Young
Ship's Captain (uncredited)
Jack Young was:
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