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Poster of Sergeant Dead Head

Sergeant Dead Head

Release Date: Wednesday, August 18 1965 (57 years ago)
Portrait of Frankie AvalonFrankie Avalon
Sergeant Deadhead / Sergeant Donovan
Frankie Avalon was:
Portrait of Deborah WalleyDeborah Walley
Airman Lucy Turner
Deborah Walley was:
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Admiral Stoneham
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Fred ClarkFred Clark
General Fogg
Fred Clark was:
Portrait of Gale GordonGale Gordon
Captain Weiskopf
Gale Gordon was:
Portrait of Harvey LembeckHarvey Lembeck
Airman McEvoy
Harvey Lembeck was:
Portrait of John AshleyJohn Ashley
Airman Filroy
John Ashley was:
Portrait of Buster KeatonBuster Keaton
Airman Blinken
Buster Keaton was:
Portrait of Reginald GardinerReginald Gardiner
Lt. Comm. Talbott
Reginald Gardiner was:
Portrait of Pat ButtramPat Buttram
The President
Pat Buttram was:
Portrait of Eve ArdenEve Arden
Lieutenant Kinsey
Eve Arden was:
Portrait of Romo VincentRomo Vincent
Tuba Player
Romo Vincent was:
Portrait of Donna LorenDonna Loren
Donna Loren was:
Portrait of Michael NaderMichael Nader
Air Policeman
Michael Nader was:
Portrait of Edward FaulknerEdward Faulkner
Lt. Dixon
Edward Faulkner was:
Portrait of Norman GrabowskiNorman Grabowski
Air Policeman
Norman Grabowski was:
Portrait of Tod WindsorTod Windsor
Sgt. Keeler
Tod Windsor was:
Portrait of Patti ChandlerPatti Chandler
Patti Chandler was:
Portrait of Luree HolmesLuree Holmes
Luree Holmes was:
Portrait of Mary HughesMary Hughes
Mary Hughes was:
Portrait of Salli SachseSalli Sachse
Sue Ellen
Salli Sachse was:
Portrait of Bobbie Shaw ChanceBobbie Shaw Chance
Bobbie Shaw Chance was:
Portrait of Sue HamiltonSue Hamilton
Sue Hamilton was:
Portrait of Ed ReimersEd Reimers
Ed Reimers was:
Portrait of John HiestandJohn Hiestand
John Hiestand was:
Portrait of Ray AtkinsonRay Atkinson
Marine AP
Ray Atkinson was:
Portrait of Bob HarveyBob Harvey
Bob Harvey was:
Portrait of Jerry BrutscheJerry Brutsche
Newspaper Vendor
Jerry Brutsche was:
Portrait of Andy RomanoAndy Romano
Marine AP
Andy Romano was:
Portrait of Don EdwardsDon Edwards
Marine AP
Don Edwards was:
Portrait of Bruce BakerBruce Baker
Marine AP
Bruce Baker was:
Portrait of Ray SittinRay Sittin
Marine AP
Ray Sittin was:
Portrait of Taggart CaseyTaggart Casey
Taggart Casey was:
Portrait of Jo CollinsJo Collins
Jo Collins was:
Portrait of Astrid De BreaAstrid De Brea
Astrid De Brea was:
Portrait of Jean IngramJean Ingram
Jean Ingram was:
Portrait of Peggy WardPeggy Ward
Peggy Ward was:
Portrait of Stephanie NaderStephanie Nader
Stephanie Nader was:
Portrait of Lyzanne La DueLyzanne La Due
Lyzanne La Due was:
Portrait of Janice LevinsonJanice Levinson
Janice Levinson was:
Portrait of Alberta NelsonAlberta Nelson
Alberta Nelson was:
Portrait of Sallie DornanSallie Dornan
Sallie Dornan was:
Portrait of Dwayne HickmanDwayne Hickman
Dwayne Hickman was:
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