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Poster of Mission to Glory: A True Story

Mission to Glory: A True Story

Release Date: Saturday, January 1 1976 (46 years ago)
Portrait of Richard EganRichard Egan
Father Eusibio Francisco Kino
Richard Egan was:
Portrait of Ricardo MontalbanRicardo Montalban
Gen. Lafuente
Ricardo Montalban was:
Portrait of John IrelandJohn Ireland
Father Mora
John Ireland was:
Portrait of Joseph CampanellaJoseph Campanella
Father at San Bruno Mission
Joseph Campanella was:
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Adm. Juan Atondo
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Michael AnsaraMichael Ansara
Chief Coxi
Michael Ansara was:
Portrait of Keenan WynnKeenan Wynn
Father at Trading Mission
Keenan Wynn was:
Portrait of John RussellJohn Russell
Capt. Solis
John Russell was:
Portrait of Rory CalhounRory Calhoun
Capt. Juan Monje
Rory Calhoun was:
Portrait of Anthony CarusoAnthony Caruso
Father Rodriguez
Anthony Caruso was:
Portrait of Aldo RayAldo Ray
Mine Boss
Aldo Ray was:
Portrait of Victor JoryVictor Jory
Father Zaya
Victor Jory was:
Portrait of William DozierWilliam Dozier
Father Argula
William Dozier was:
Portrait of Tris CoffinTris Coffin
Father Francesco Saeta (as Tris Coffin)
Tris Coffin was:
Portrait of Stephen McNallyStephen McNally
Father Juan Salvatierra (uncredited)
Stephen McNally was:
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