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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Latitude Zero

Latitude Zero

Release Date: Saturday, July 26 1969 (53 years ago)
Portrait of Joseph CottenJoseph Cotten
Capt. Craig McKenzie / Cmdr. Glenn McKenzie
Joseph Cotten was:
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Dr. Malic / Lt. Hastings
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Akira TakaradaAkira Takarada
Dr. Ken Tashiro
Akira Takarada was:
Portrait of Patricia MedinaPatricia Medina
Patricia Medina was:
Portrait of Masumi OkadaMasumi Okada
Dr. Jules Masson
Masumi Okada was:
Portrait of Richard JaeckelRichard Jaeckel
Perry Lawton
Richard Jaeckel was:
Portrait of Tetsu NakamuraTetsu Nakamura
Dr. Okada
Tetsu Nakamura was:
Portrait of Mari NakayamaMari Nakayama
Tsuruko Okada
Mari Nakayama was:
Portrait of Akihiko HirataAkihiko Hirata
Dr. Sugata
Akihiko Hirata was:
Portrait of Hikaru KurokiHikaru Kuroki
Capt. Kroiga
Hikaru Kuroki was:
Portrait of Linda HaynesLinda Haynes
Dr. Anne Barton
Linda Haynes was:
Portrait of Susumu KurobeSusumu Kurobe
Susumu Kurobe was:
Portrait of Burr MiddletonBurr Middleton
Additional Voices (voice)
Burr Middleton was:
Portrait of Haruo NakajimaHaruo Nakajima
Flying Lion/Giant Rat
Haruo Nakajima was:
Portrait of Osman YusufOsman Yusuf
Man with Gun (uncredited)
Osman Yusuf was:
Portrait of Wataru ÔmaeWataru Ômae
Wataru Ômae was:
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