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Poster of Five of a Kind

Five of a Kind

Release Date: Friday, October 14 1938 (84 years ago)
Portrait of Yvonne DionneYvonne Dionne
Yvonne, a Wyatt Quintuplet
Yvonne Dionne was:
Portrait of Annette DionneAnnette Dionne
Annette, a Wyatt Quintuplet
Annette Dionne was:
Portrait of Cécile DionneCécile Dionne
Cécile, a Wyatt Quintuplet
Cécile Dionne was:
Portrait of Émilie DionneÉmilie Dionne
Émilie, a Wyatt Quintuplet
Émilie Dionne was:
Portrait of Marie DionneMarie Dionne
Marie, a Wyatt Quintuplet
Marie Dionne was:
Portrait of Jean HersholtJean Hersholt
Dr. John Luke
Jean Hersholt was:
Portrait of Claire TrevorClaire Trevor
Christine Nelson
Claire Trevor was:
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Duke Lester
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Slim SummervilleSlim Summerville
Constable Jim Ogden
Slim Summerville was:
Portrait of Henry WilcoxonHenry Wilcoxon
Dr. Scott Williams
Henry Wilcoxon was:
Portrait of Inez CourtneyInez Courtney
Libby Long
Inez Courtney was:
Portrait of John QualenJohn Qualen
Asa Wyatt
John Qualen was:
Portrait of Jane DarwellJane Darwell
Nurse Waldron
Jane Darwell was:
Portrait of Pauline MoorePauline Moore
Elinor Kingsley
Pauline Moore was:
Portrait of Johnny RussellJohnny Russell
Dickie Post
Johnny Russell was:
Portrait of Andrew TombesAndrew Tombes
Dr. Bruno
Andrew Tombes was:
Portrait of Spencer ChartersSpencer Charters
Rev. Matthew Brand
Spencer Charters was:
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