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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2017-12-22 (2 years ago)
Matt Damon
Paul Safranek
Matt Damon was:
Christoph Waltz
Dusan Mirkovic
Christoph Waltz was:
Hong Chau
Ngoc Lan Tran
Hong Chau was:
Kristen Wiig
Audrey Safranek
Kristen Wiig was:
Rolf Lassgård
Dr. Jorgen Asbjørnsen
Rolf Lassgård was:
Udo Kier
Joris Konrad
Udo Kier was:
Ingjerd Egeberg
Anne-Helene Asbjørnsen
Ingjerd Egeberg was:
Jason Sudeikis
Dave Johnson
Jason Sudeikis was:
Søren Pilmark
Dr. Andreas Jacobsen
Søren Pilmark was:
Maribeth Monroe
Carol Johnson
Maribeth Monroe was:
Neil Patrick Harris
Jeff Lonowski
Neil Patrick Harris was:
Laura Dern
Laura Lonowski
Laura Dern was:
Margo Martindale
Woman on Shuttle
Margo Martindale was:
James Van Der Beek
James Van Der Beek was:
Niecy Nash
Leisureland Salesperson
Niecy Nash was:
Donna Lynne Champlin
Leisureland Administrator
Donna Lynne Champlin was:
Don Lake
Don Lake was:
Brigette Lundy-Paine
Brigette Lundy-Paine was:
Joaquim de Almeida
Dr. Oswaldo Pereira
Joaquim de Almeida was:
Kerri Kenney-Silver
Kristen Swanson
Kerri Kenney-Silver was:
Patrick Gallagher
Drunk guy
Patrick Gallagher was:
Pepe Serna
Señor Cárdenas
Pepe Serna was:
Kathryn Aboya
Dose Girl at Dusan's Party
Kathryn Aboya was:
Jayne Houdyshell
Paul's Mother
Jayne Houdyshell was:
Phil Reeves
Audrey's Dad Larry
Phil Reeves was:
Alison J. Palmer
Anesthesiologist's Wife
Alison J. Palmer was:
Tim Driscoll
Good Friend Tim
Tim Driscoll was:
Kristen Thomson
Good Friend Gina
Kristen Thomson was:
Kevin Kunkel
Buddy Kevin
Kevin Kunkel was:
Patrick Gallagher
Drunk Guy at Bar
Patrick Gallagher was:
Linda M. Anderson
Linda M. Anderson was:
John Reynolds
Estate Sale Buyer
John Reynolds was:
Carmen Orellana
Meat Cutter Carmen
Carmen Orellana was:
David Noonen
Meat Cutter Dave
David Noonen was:
Bob Bezousek
Omaha Steaks Bob
Bob Bezousek was:
Ana Marie Cox
TV Pundit
Ana Marie Cox was:
Roland Martin
TV Pundit
Roland Martin was:
Milo Goodman
Mortgage Broker
Milo Goodman was:
Dave Sokolowski
Friend at Bar
Dave Sokolowski was:
Michael Heathcote
Carrying Box Carrier
Michael Heathcote was:
Martha Girvin
Curious Reunion Friend
Martha Girvin was:
Brendan Beiser
Reunion Friend
Brendan Beiser was:
Alison Brooks
Reunion Friend
Alison Brooks was:
Paul Constable
Reunion Friend
Paul Constable was:
Mary Kay Place
Land's End Customer (voice)
Mary Kay Place was:
Sherry Mandujano
Waiting Room Nurse
Sherry Mandujano was:
Larry Mannell
Downsizing Supervisor
Larry Mannell was:
Kerry-Lee Finkle
Downsizing Nurse
Kerry-Lee Finkle was:
Natasha Bromfield
Recovery Room Nurse
Natasha Bromfield was:
Raffaele Brereton
Leisureland Orderly
Raffaele Brereton was:
Damiãn Garth Brown
Leisureland Orderly
Damiãn Garth Brown was:
Jermaine Otis Granville
Leisureland Orderly
Jermaine Otis Granville was:
Jeffrey Sinclair
Leisureland Orderly
Jeffrey Sinclair was:
Kimberly Kodatsky
Treatment Room Nurse
Kimberly Kodatsky was:
Veena Sood
Leislureland Housewife
Veena Sood was:
Kristina Cocoli
Dusan's Party Girl
Kristina Cocoli was:
Lina Shekhovtsova
Dusan's Party Girl
Lina Shekhovtsova was:
Rose Bianco
Rose Bianco was:
Kristina Yedlitska
Colony Member
Kristina Yedlitska was:
Thomas Wicks
Colony Member
Thomas Wicks was:
Alari Tork
Colony Member
Alari Tork was:
Kari Svenneby
Colony Member
Kari Svenneby was:
Tomas Straum
Colony Member
Tomas Straum was:
Michael Skretteberg
Colony Member
Michael Skretteberg was:
Jorgen Runas
Colony Member
Jorgen Runas was:
Kimberly Rowntree
Colony Member
Kimberly Rowntree was:
Jacob Pettersson
Colony Member
Jacob Pettersson was:
Lars Paronen
Colony Member
Lars Paronen was:
Thomas Paloheimo
Colony Member
Thomas Paloheimo was:
Velva Nystrom
Colony Member
Velva Nystrom was:
Riita Nikolakakos
Colony Member
Riita Nikolakakos was:
Kent Nielsen
Colony Member
Kent Nielsen was:
Antti Muhunen
Colony Member
Antti Muhunen was:
Tanya Missirlian
Colony Member
Tanya Missirlian was:
Sari Miettinen
Colony Member
Sari Miettinen was:
Mark Makivirta
Colony Member
Mark Makivirta was:
Kristin Lyssand
Colony Member
Kristin Lyssand was:
Raimo Kurppa
Colony Member
Raimo Kurppa was:
Tero Konttinen
Colony Member
Tero Konttinen was:
Elizabeth Jeanne le Roux
Colony Member
Elizabeth Jeanne le Roux was:
Aleksander Krogevoll
Colony Member
Aleksander Krogevoll was:
Ksenia Daniela Kharlamova
Colony Member
Ksenia Daniela Kharlamova was:
Anastasia Kharlamova
Colony Member
Anastasia Kharlamova was:
Erik Irwin
Colony Member
Erik Irwin was:
Ida Linckert Hertzman
Colony Member
Ida Linckert Hertzman was:
Jani Hamalainen
Colony Member
Jani Hamalainen was:
Marianne Haldorsen
Colony Member
Marianne Haldorsen was:
David Gudjonsson
Colony Member
David Gudjonsson was:
Jahkeil Goldson
Colony Member
Jahkeil Goldson was:
Steve Fievet
Colony Member
Steve Fievet was:
Bent Brakas
Colony Member
Bent Brakas was:
Aaron Befus
Colony Member
Aaron Befus was:
Solveig Barber
Colony Member
Solveig Barber was:
Erik Andersen
Colony Member
Erik Andersen was:
Caroline Andersen
Colony Member
Caroline Andersen was:
Michaela Sanielevici
Norway Colony Scientist
Michaela Sanielevici was:
Christoph Friedrich Richter
Norway Colony Scientist
Christoph Friedrich Richter was:
George B. Seremba
Asbjørnsen's Colleague
George B. Seremba was:
Warren Belle
Warren Belle was:
Bjørnar Egede-Nissen
Bjørnar Egede-Nissen was:
Cameron Geddes
Little Ronni
Cameron Geddes was:
Margareta Pettersson
Solveig Edvardsen
Margareta Pettersson was:
Dalila Gamboa Diaz
Alondra Resident
Dalila Gamboa Diaz was:
Pamela Archer
Alondra Resident
Pamela Archer was:
Jorge Tello
Bickering Deaf Couple
Jorge Tello was:
Cicela Bravatti
Bickering Deaf Couple
Cicela Bravatti was:
Ramon Marroquin
Ringworm Father
Ramon Marroquin was:
Lidia Perez
Ringworm Mother
Lidia Perez was:
Jeffrey R. Smith
Guy at Dusan's Party
Jeffrey R. Smith was:
Ann Bordwine Beeder
Cool Woman at Dusan's Party
Ann Bordwine Beeder was:
Balaram Vilchis
Balaram Vilchis was:
Salvador Sindoni
Salvador Sindoni was:
Rodrigo Salera
Rodrigo Salera was:
Paul Landais
Paul Landais was:
Loukia Papadapoulos
Greek Party Guest
Loukia Papadapoulos was:
Peter Melatos
Greek Party Guest
Peter Melatos was:
Maria Kontou
Greek Party Guest
Maria Kontou was:
Spiros Kontos
Greek Party Guest
Spiros Kontos was:
Nick Douzenis
Greek Party Guest
Nick Douzenis was:
Paul Mabon
Olive Garden Roger
Paul Mabon was:
Juan Carlos Velis
Call Center Co-Worker
Juan Carlos Velis was:
Jeff Clarke
Divorce Lawyer
Jeff Clarke was:
Bill Coulter
Brian Fakler
Bill Coulter was:
Maryam Moshiri
BBC Anchor
Maryam Moshiri was:
Howard J. Davis
Keepsake Box Mover
Howard J. Davis was:
Jon De Leon
Keepsake Box Mover
Jon De Leon was:
Richard D. Leko
Woman on Shuttle's Son
Richard D. Leko was:
Punnavith Koy
Punnavith Koy was:
Hélène Cardona
Newscaster (uncredited)
Hélène Cardona was:
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