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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Truckers Ride Again

Truckers Ride Again

Release Date: 1984-04-05 (36 years ago)
Miodrag Petrović 'Čkalja'
Živadin Jarić 'Jare'
Miodrag Petrović 'Čkalja' was:
Pavle Vuisić
Paja Čutura
Pavle Vuisić was:
Svetislav Goncić
Svetislav Goncić was:
Sonja Savić
Sonja Savić was:
Bogdan Diklić
Bogdan Diklić was:
Branko Cvejić
Branko Cvejić was:
Dragan Zarić
Buca Krtalić
Dragan Zarić was:
Branko Vidaković
Branko Vidaković was:
Maja Sabljić
Buletova žena
Maja Sabljić was:
Jovan Janićijević 'Burduš'
Caca ciganin
Jovan Janićijević 'Burduš' was:
Slavka Jerinić
Slavka Jerinić was:
Borivoje Jovanović
Jaretov otac
Borivoje Jovanović was:
Stole Aranđelović
Stole Aranđelović was:
Milan Puzić
Direktor kombinata
Milan Puzić was:
Miodrag Krstović
Miodrag Krstović was:
Milivoje Mića Tomić
Milivoje Mića Tomić was:
Lepa Brena
Lepa Brena
Lepa Brena was:
Nada Topčagić
Nada Topčagić
Nada Topčagić was:
Snežana Đurišić
Snežana Đurišić
Snežana Đurišić was:
Vesna Zmijanac
Vesna Zmijanac
Vesna Zmijanac was:
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