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Poster of Heart Condition

Heart Condition

Release Date: Friday, February 2 1990 (32 years ago)
Portrait of Bob HoskinsBob Hoskins
Jack Moony
Bob Hoskins was:
Portrait of Denzel WashingtonDenzel Washington
Napoleon Stone
Denzel Washington was:
Portrait of Chloe WebbChloe Webb
Crystal Gerrity
Chloe Webb was:
Portrait of Roger E. MosleyRoger E. Mosley
Captain Wendt
Roger E. Mosley was:
Portrait of Ja'net DuBoisJa'net DuBois
Mrs. Stone
Ja'net DuBois was:
Portrait of Alan RachinsAlan Rachins
Dr. Posner
Alan Rachins was:
Portrait of Ray BakerRay Baker
Harry Zara
Ray Baker was:
Portrait of Jeffrey MeekJeffrey Meek
Jeffrey Meek was:
Portrait of Eva LaRueEva LaRue
Eva LaRue was:
Portrait of Frank R. RoachFrank R. Roach
Senator Marquand
Frank R. Roach was:
Portrait of Robert ApisaRobert Apisa
Robert Apisa was:
Portrait of Kieran MulroneyKieran Mulroney
Kieran Mulroney was:
Portrait of Lisa StahlLisa Stahl
Lisa Stahl was:
Portrait of Clayton LandeyClayton Landey
Posner's Assistant
Clayton Landey was:
Portrait of Julia SilvermanJulia Silverman
Staff Member
Julia Silverman was:
Portrait of Phyllis HamlinPhyllis Hamlin
T.V. Announcer
Phyllis Hamlin was:
Portrait of Jeff MacGregorJeff MacGregor
Dating Game Host
Jeff MacGregor was:
Portrait of George KyleGeorge Kyle
Dancing Cop
George Kyle was:
Portrait of Bill ApplebaumBill Applebaum
Dancing Cop
Bill Applebaum was:
Portrait of Mary Catherine WrightMary Catherine Wright
Mary Catherine Wright was:
Portrait of Johnny WalkerJohnny Walker
Cop in Precinct
Johnny Walker was:
Portrait of Ken MartinezKen Martinez
Cop in Precinct
Ken Martinez was:
Portrait of Diane CaryDiane Cary
Terri Rinselle
Diane Cary was:
Portrait of Monte LandisMonte Landis
Beverly Palm Hotel Waiter
Monte Landis was:
Portrait of Anthony "Wink" AtkinsonAnthony "Wink" Atkinson
Rap Singer
Anthony "Wink" Atkinson was:
Portrait of Deidre HarrisDeidre Harris
Rap Singer
Deidre Harris was:
Portrait of Ron TaylorRon Taylor
Ron Taylor was:
Portrait of Kendall McCarthyKendall McCarthy
Kendall McCarthy was:
Portrait of Theresa RandleTheresa Randle
Ciao Chow Club Maitre D'
Theresa Randle was:
Portrait of Mark LowenthalMark Lowenthal
Ciao Chow Club Visitor
Mark Lowenthal was:
Portrait of Billy OscarBilly Oscar
Man in Bathroom
Billy Oscar was:
Portrait of Chick HearnChick Hearn
Chick Hearn was:
Portrait of Johnnie Johnson IIIJohnnie Johnson III
Johnnie Johnson III was:
Portrait of Rick MarzanRick Marzan
Irate Cop
Rick Marzan was:
Portrait of Dean WeinDean Wein
Armed Man
Dean Wein was:
Portrait of Bobby BassBobby Bass
Armed Man
Bobby Bass was:
Portrait of Gregory J. BarnettGregory J. Barnett
Armed Man
Gregory J. Barnett was:
Portrait of Tommy J. HuffTommy J. Huff
Armed Man
Tommy J. Huff was:
Portrait of Gary SaxGary Sax
Usher Cop
Gary Sax was:
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