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Release Date: 1938-12-30 (82 years ago)
Loretta Young
Sally Goodwin
Loretta Young was:
Richard Greene
Jack Dillon
Richard Greene was:
Walter Brennan
Peter Goodwin
Walter Brennan was:
Douglass Dumbrille
John Dillon - 1861
Douglass Dumbrille was:
Karen Morley
Mrs. Goodwin - 1861
Karen Morley was:
Moroni Olsen
John Dillon - 1938
Moroni Olsen was:
Russell Hicks
Thad Goodwin Sr. - 1861
Russell Hicks was:
Willard Robertson
Bob Slocum
Willard Robertson was:
Charles Waldron
Thad Goodwin - 1938
Charles Waldron was:
Bobs Watson
Peter Goodwin - 1861
Bobs Watson was:
Delmar Watson
Thad Goodwin Jr. - 1861
Delmar Watson was:
Leona Roberts
Grace Goodwin
Leona Roberts was:
Charles Lane
Charles Lane was:
Charles Middleton
Charles Middleton was:
George Reed
George Reed was:
Harry Hayden
Racing Secretary
Harry Hayden was:
Robert Middlemass
Track Official
Robert Middlemass was:
Madame Sul-Te-Wan
Madame Sul-Te-Wan was:
Cliff Clark
Cliff Clark was:
Meredith Howard
Susie May
Meredith Howard was:
Frederick Burton
Presiding Officer
Frederick Burton was:
Charles Trowbridge
Charles Trowbridge was:
Eddie "Rochester" Anderson
Eddie "Rochester" Anderson was:
Stanley Andrews
Presiding Judge
Stanley Andrews was:
Carol Adams
Carol Adams was:
James Adamson
Stable Swipe
James Adamson was:
John Henry Allen
Stable Swipe
John Henry Allen was:
Eddie Arcaro
Kentucky Derby Jockey
Eddie Arcaro was:
Matthew 'Stymie' Beard
Black Child
Matthew 'Stymie' Beard was:
Chick Chandler
Betting Parlor Clerk
Chick Chandler was:
Tom Chatterton
Man at Race Track
Tom Chatterton was:
James Conaty
Dance Extra
James Conaty was:
Hal K. Dawson
Auction Clerk
Hal K. Dawson was:
Dudley Dickerson
Dudley Dickerson was:
John Dilson
Man at Race Track
John Dilson was:
Eddie Dunn
Moving Man
Eddie Dunn was:
James Eagles
Jockey Involved in Disqualification
James Eagles was:
Edward Earle
Man with Woman at Race Track
Edward Earle was:
John Elliott
John Elliott was:
Mildred Gover
Mildred Gover was:
Harrison Greene
Betting Parlor Manager
Harrison Greene was:
Sherry Hall
Sherry Hall was:
Howard Hickman
Howard Hickman was:
John Hiestand
Derby Radio Announcer
John Hiestand was:
Margaret Irving
Woman with Man at Race Track
Margaret Irving was:
Eugene Jackson
Eugene Jackson was:
Frank Jaquet
Frank Jaquet was:
I. Stanford Jolley
Kentucky Derby Patron
I. Stanford Jolley was:
Darby Jones
Darby Jones was:
Thaddeus Jones
Thaddeus Jones was:
Eddie Kane
Mustached Bettor at Race Track
Eddie Kane was:
Edward Keane
Man at Race Track
Edward Keane was:
Robert Lowery
Sally's Partner at Ball
Robert Lowery was:
Billy McClain
Billy McClain was:
Harold Miller
Harold Miller was:
Walter Miller
Cavalry Sergeant
Walter Miller was:
Charles R. Moore
Stable Swipe
Charles R. Moore was:
Edmund Mortimer
Edmund Mortimer was:
James C. Morton
James C. Morton was:
Daisy Lee Mothershed
Daisy Lee Mothershed was:
Lee Murray
Palisades' Jockey
Lee Murray was:
Harry Myers
Harry Myers was:
John Nesbitt
Commentator (voice)
John Nesbitt was:
Bernice Pilot
African-American Servant
Bernice Pilot was:
Cyril Ring
Cyril Ring was:
Henry Roquemore
Betting Parlor Patron
Henry Roquemore was:
Willie Saunders
Postman's Jockey
Willie Saunders was:
Lee Shumway
Lee Shumway was:
Buster Slaven
Buster Slaven was:
Edwin Stanley
Edwin Stanley was:
Larry Steers
Thaddeus' Friend
Larry Steers was:
Landers Stevens
Man at RAce Track
Landers Stevens was:
Bobbie Thomson
Blue Grass' Jockey
Bobbie Thomson was:
Joan Valerie
Lucy Pemberton
Joan Valerie was:
Blue Washington
Blue Washington was:
Douglas Wood
Race Track Patron
Douglas Wood was:
Lillian Yarbo
Lillian Yarbo was:
Sam Harris
Sam Harris was:
Robert 'Tex' Allen
Man Dancing with Sally (uncredited)
Robert 'Tex' Allen was:
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