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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Eye on the Sparrow

Eye on the Sparrow

Release Date: Monday, December 7 1987 (35 years ago)
Portrait of Mare WinninghamMare Winningham
Ethel Lee
Mare Winningham was:
Portrait of Keith CarradineKeith Carradine
James Lee
Keith Carradine was:
Portrait of Sandy McPeakSandy McPeak
Harv Hollars
Sandy McPeak was:
Portrait of Kaaren LeeKaaren Lee
Lorrine Hollars
Kaaren Lee was:
Portrait of Conchata FerrellConchata Ferrell
Conchata Ferrell was:
Portrait of Bianca RoseBianca Rose
Ethel (As a Girl)
Bianca Rose was:
Portrait of Joy CarlinJoy Carlin
Mrs. Grissom
Joy Carlin was:
Portrait of Anne LawderAnne Lawder
Mrs. Lee
Anne Lawder was:
Portrait of Winifred MannWinifred Mann
Mrs. Magnuson
Winifred Mann was:
Portrait of Joe BellanJoe Bellan
Joe Bellan was:
Portrait of Sandy BullSandy Bull
Sandy Bull was:
Portrait of Cab CovayCab Covay
Cab Covay was:
Portrait of James CrannaJames Cranna
James Cranna was:
Portrait of A. Donald CrossA. Donald Cross
Mr. Lee
A. Donald Cross was:
Portrait of Charles DeanCharles Dean
Charles Dean was:
Portrait of Lorri HoltLorri Holt
Miss Brower
Lorri Holt was:
Portrait of Ellen IdelsonEllen Idelson
Ellen Idelson was:
Portrait of John M. JacksonJohn M. Jackson
John M. Jackson was:
Portrait of Steven Anthony JonesSteven Anthony Jones
Steven Anthony Jones was:
Portrait of Patricia JoyePatricia Joye
Patricia Joye was:
Portrait of Kathryn KnottsKathryn Knotts
Kathryn Knotts was:
Portrait of Jack PowellJack Powell
Jack Powell was:
Portrait of Allison StuddifordAllison Studdiford
Allison Studdiford was:
Portrait of Kathleen Turco-LyonKathleen Turco-Lyon
Kathleen Turco-Lyon was:
Portrait of Abigail van AlynAbigail van Alyn
Abigail van Alyn was:
Portrait of Sydney WalkerSydney Walker
Sydney Walker was:
Portrait of Michael WintersMichael Winters
Michael Winters was:
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