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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Eight Crazy Nights

Eight Crazy Nights

Release Date: Wednesday, November 27 2002 (20 years ago)
Portrait of Adam SandlerAdam Sandler
Davey, Whitey, Eleanore & Deer (voice)
Adam Sandler was:
Portrait of Jackie SandlerJackie Sandler
Jennifer (voice)
Jackie Sandler was:
Portrait of Kevin NealonKevin Nealon
Mayor (voice)
Kevin Nealon was:
Portrait of Austin StoutAustin Stout
Benjamin (voice)
Austin Stout was:
Portrait of Rob SchneiderRob Schneider
Chinese Waiter / Narrator (voice)
Rob Schneider was:
Portrait of Norm CrosbyNorm Crosby
Judge (voice)
Norm Crosby was:
Portrait of Jon LovitzJon Lovitz
Tom Baltezor (voice)
Jon Lovitz was:
Portrait of Tyra BanksTyra Banks
Victoria's Secret Gown (voice)
Tyra Banks was:
Portrait of Jared SandlerJared Sandler
Dreidel Kid (Voice)
Jared Sandler was:
Portrait of Blake ClarkBlake Clark
Radio Shack Walkie-Talkie (voice)
Blake Clark was:
Portrait of Peter DantePeter Dante
Foot Locker Guy (voice)
Peter Dante was:
Portrait of Kevin FarleyKevin Farley
Panda Express Panda (voice)
Kevin Farley was:
Portrait of Lari FriedmanLari Friedman
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Cup (voice)
Lari Friedman was:
Portrait of Tom KennyTom Kenny
Sharper Image Chair (voice)
Tom Kenny was:
Portrait of Cole SprouseCole Sprouse
K-B Toys Soldier (voice)
Cole Sprouse was:
Portrait of Dylan SprouseDylan Sprouse
K-B Toys Soldier (voice)
Dylan Sprouse was:
Portrait of Carl WeathersCarl Weathers
GNC Guy (voice)
Carl Weathers was:
Portrait of Jamie AlcroftJamie Alcroft
Eli Wolstan (voice)
Jamie Alcroft was:
Portrait of Brooks ArthurBrooks Arthur
Rabbi Fliegel (voice)
Brooks Arthur was:
Portrait of James BarbourJames Barbour
Mayor (singing voice)
James Barbour was:
Portrait of Allen CovertAllen Covert
Old Lady / Bus Driver / Mayor's Wife (voice)
Allen Covert was:
Portrait of J.D. DonarumaJ.D. Donaruma
Cop #3 / Worker #3 (voice)
J.D. Donaruma was:
Portrait of Kelly DuganKelly Dugan
Fat Kid / Telephone Kid (voice)
Kelly Dugan was:
Portrait of Sharon DuganSharon Dugan
Mrs. Selman (voice)
Sharon Dugan was:
Portrait of John FarleyJohn Farley
Cop #2 (voice)
John Farley was:
Portrait of Carmen FilpiCarmen Filpi
Homeless Guy (voice)
Carmen Filpi was:
Portrait of Kevin GradyKevin Grady
Cop #4 / Worker #1 (voice)
Kevin Grady was:
Portrait of Archie HahnArchie Hahn
TV Announcer (voice)
Archie Hahn was:
Portrait of Betsy HammerBetsy Hammer
Phone Sex Lady (singing voice)
Betsy Hammer was:
Portrait of Ali HoffmanAli Hoffman
Young Jennifer (voice)
Ali Hoffman was:
Portrait of Max HoffmanMax Hoffman
Donald Hardy (voice)
Max Hoffman was:
Portrait of Todd HollandTodd Holland
Brill (voice)
Todd Holland was:
Portrait of Jason HousmanJason Housman
Benjamin (singing voice)
Jason Housman was:
Portrait of Lainie KazanLainie Kazan
Old Woman (singing voice)
Lainie Kazan was:
Portrait of Seth KearsleySeth Kearsley
Brill's Teammate (voice)
Seth Kearsley was:
Portrait of Hunter KitagawaHunter Kitagawa
Basketball Kid (voice)
Hunter Kitagawa was:
Portrait of Ellen Albertini DowEllen Albertini Dow
See's Candies Box (voice)
Ellen Albertini Dow was:
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