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Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael

Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael

Release Date: 1990-10-12 (30 years ago)
Winona Ryder
Dinky Bossetti
Winona Ryder was:
Jeff Daniels
Denton Webb
Jeff Daniels was:
Stephen Tobolowsky
Mayor Bill Klepler
Stephen Tobolowsky was:
Dinah Manoff
Evelyn Whittacher
Dinah Manoff was:
Laila Robins
Elizabeth Zaks
Laila Robins was:
Thomas Wilson Brown
Gerald Howells
Thomas Wilson Brown was:
Joan McMurtrey
Barbara Webb
Joan McMurtrey was:
Graham Beckel
Les Bossetti
Graham Beckel was:
Frances Fisher
Rochelle Bossetti
Frances Fisher was:
Robby Kiger
Beannie Billings
Robby Kiger was:
Sachi Parker
Libby Ohiemacher
Sachi Parker was:
Micole Mercurio
Louise Garweski
Micole Mercurio was:
John Short
Ronald Reems
John Short was:
Robin Thomas
Scotty Sandholtzer
Robin Thomas was:
Valerie Landsburg
Miss Day Ashburn
Valerie Landsburg was:
Rhonda Aldrich
Charmaine the Hairdresser
Rhonda Aldrich was:
Ava Fabian
Roxy Carmichael
Ava Fabian was:
Carla Gugino
Young Roxy
Carla Gugino was:
Rob King
Young Denton
Rob King was:
Daniel Fekete
Denny, Jr.
Daniel Fekete was:
Beth Grant
Lillian Logerfield
Beth Grant was:
Heidi Swedberg
Andrea Stein
Heidi Swedberg was:
Angela Paton
Gloria Sikes
Angela Paton was:
Patrick McCollough
David Skism
Patrick McCollough was:
Mark Arnott
Bill Crampton
Mark Arnott was:
Hal Havins
Raymond Emirts
Hal Havins was:
Linda Cox
Kathy Sherwin
Linda Cox was:
Kevin Skousen
Gene Briskell
Kevin Skousen was:
Nada Despotovich
Laurie Desmond
Nada Despotovich was:
John C. Moskoff
Officer Tardo
John C. Moskoff was:
Ron Perkins
Will Groom
Ron Perkins was:
Hank Underwood
Eddie Waters
Hank Underwood was:
Raymond Hanis
Man #1 at Center
Raymond Hanis was:
Tiffany Reinbolt
Girl #1 on Bus
Tiffany Reinbolt was:
Amy Moore Davis
Girl #2 on Bus
Amy Moore Davis was:
Ron Marlin Jr.
Red Haired Boy on Bus
Ron Marlin Jr. was:
Eugene Farrington
Bus Driver
Eugene Farrington was:
Jim Pirri
Jim Reese
Jim Pirri was:
Terrence Evans
Man #1 at Legion Hall
Terrence Evans was:
Joe Nesnow
Man #2 at Legion Hall
Joe Nesnow was:
Peter Strong
Fisherman #2
Peter Strong was:
Rocky Krakoff
Kid #1 Throwing Buckeyes
Rocky Krakoff was:
Carl Steven
Kid #2 Throwing Buckeyes
Carl Steven was:
Frank Milewski
'Amen' Man
Frank Milewski was:
Jennifer Loesch
Baby Sarah Webb
Jennifer Loesch was:
Laura Loesch
Baby Sarah Webb
Laura Loesch was:
Meg Harrington
Laura Coiller
Meg Harrington was:
Louise Yaffe
Woman on Bench
Louise Yaffe was:
Eleanor Schiff
Woman's Friend on Bench
Eleanor Schiff was:
Damion Dietz
Whipped Cream Boy
Damion Dietz was:
Judith Saunders
Linda Evans Look-Alike
Judith Saunders was:
Janet Graham
Sneeze Victim
Janet Graham was:
Karen Musette
Libby's New Friend
Karen Musette was:
Richard Roylance
Limo Driver at the Ball
Richard Roylance was:
Joseph Cocuzzo
Grandpa Crossing Street
Joseph Cocuzzo was:
Joanne Cocuzzo
Grandma Crossing Street
Joanne Cocuzzo was:
Nancy Abrahams
Fishing Family
Nancy Abrahams was:
Joseph Abrahams
Fishing Family
Joseph Abrahams was:
Jamie Abrahams
Fishing Family
Jamie Abrahams was:
Stephen Burrows
Dropjaw Party Guy
Stephen Burrows was:
Charlie Holliday
Charlie Holliday was:
Vince Trankina
Woman's Husband
Vince Trankina was:
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