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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Ungodly

The Ungodly

Release Date: 2007-01-01 (14 years ago)
Wes Bentley
Mickey Gravatski
Wes Bentley was:
Beth Grant
Emma Lemac
Beth Grant was:
Joanne Baron
Joanne Baron was:
Marina Gatell
Marina Gatell was:
Kenny Johnson
Officer Murphy
Kenny Johnson was:
Albert López-Murtra
Albert López-Murtra was:
Mark Borkowski
James Lemac
Mark Borkowski was:
Amy Aeschliman
Rape Victim
Amy Aeschliman was:
Randy Cherkas
Randy Cherkas was:
Sarah Crocker
Sarah Crocker was:
Jenna DeYoung
Screaming Nurse
Jenna DeYoung was:
Sal Darigo
Desk Officer
Sal Darigo was:
Brian Distance
Brian Distance was:
Thomas Dunn
Thomas Dunn was:
Carol Florence
Social Worker
Carol Florence was:
Margaret H. Flynn
Old Lady
Margaret H. Flynn was:
Ofri Fuchs
Ofri Fuchs was:
Rodman Gaillado
Alcoholic Ed
Rodman Gaillado was:
Vanessa Gronczewski
Alley Victim
Vanessa Gronczewski was:
John Harleman
Young James
John Harleman was:
Joilet Harris
Joilet Harris was:
Marcia Haufrecht
Marcia Haufrecht was:
Tiffany Hodges
Elevator Nurse
Tiffany Hodges was:
Bruno Iannone
Bruno Iannone was:
Jill Kairis
Young Megan
Jill Kairis was:
Leila Kotler
Young Emma
Leila Kotler was:
Sierra Richter
Sierra Richter was:
Ashley Sawdaye
Sgt. Bridges
Ashley Sawdaye was:
Mastro Sykes
Mastro Sykes was:
Shelly Varod
Hospital Receptionist
Shelly Varod was:
Jessica Weiss
Jessica Weiss was:
Taylor Wilson
Taylor Wilson was:
Olivia Wnek
Bicycle Girl
Olivia Wnek was:
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