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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Flags of Our Fathers

Flags of Our Fathers

Release Date: 2006-10-18 (14 years ago)
Ryan Phillippe
John 'Doc' Bradley
Ryan Phillippe was:
Adam Beach
Corporal Ira Hayes
Adam Beach was:
Jesse Bradford
Corporal Rene Gagnon
Jesse Bradford was:
John Benjamin Hickey
Sergeant Keyes Beech
John Benjamin Hickey was:
John Slattery
Bud Gerber
John Slattery was:
Barry Pepper
Sergeant Mike Strank
Barry Pepper was:
Jamie Bell
Private Ralph Ignatowski
Jamie Bell was:
Paul Walker
Sergeant Hank Hansen
Paul Walker was:
Robert Patrick
Colonel Chandler Johnson
Robert Patrick was:
Neal McDonough
Captain Dave Severance
Neal McDonough was:
Melanie Lynskey
Pauline Harnois Gagnon
Melanie Lynskey was:
Chris Bauer
General Alexander Vandegrift
Chris Bauer was:
Gordon Clapp
General Holland Smith
Gordon Clapp was:
Judith Ivey
Belle Block
Judith Ivey was:
Joseph Cross
Private Franklin Sousley
Joseph Cross was:
Benjamin Walker
Harlon Block
Benjamin Walker was:
Alessandro Mastrobuono
Corporal Chuck Lindberg
Alessandro Mastrobuono was:
Stark Sands
Stark Sands was:
Ann Dowd
Mrs. Strank
Ann Dowd was:
Beth Grant
Mother Gagnon
Beth Grant was:
Brian Kimmet
Sergeant Boots Thomas
Brian Kimmet was:
Jason Gray-Stanford
Lieutenant Harold Schrier
Jason Gray-Stanford was:
David Rasche
David Rasche was:
James Newman
Local Politician
James Newman was:
Beth Tapper
Bar Car Beauty
Beth Tapper was:
Shakti Shannon
Bar Car Beauty #2
Shakti Shannon was:
Scott Eastwood
Scott Eastwood was:
Michael Cumpsty
Secretary Forrestal
Michael Cumpsty was:
David Patrick Kelly
President Harry S. Truman
David Patrick Kelly was:
Jon Polito
Borough President
Jon Polito was:
Erica Grant
Erica Grant was:
Jayma Mays
Nurse in Hawaii
Jayma Mays was:
Len Cariou
Mr. Beech
Len Cariou was:
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