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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2015-06-01 (5 years ago)
Zoe Lister-Jones
Sophie Kessler
Zoe Lister-Jones was:
Victor Garber
Dan Conway
Victor Garber was:
Beth Grant
Kristin Kessler
Beth Grant was:
Taylor Kinney
Taylor Kinney was:
Kunal Nayyar
Serge Negani
Kunal Nayyar was:
Anthony Edwards
Jacob Liefman
Anthony Edwards was:
Griffin Dunne
Griffin Dunne was:
Danny Glover
Hal Westbrook
Danny Glover was:
Elizabeth Marvel
Connie Conway
Elizabeth Marvel was:
Chelcie Ross
Senator Bob McHenry
Chelcie Ross was:
Nick Bonn
Garrett Kessler
Nick Bonn was:
Tim Hopper
Jeff Paul
Tim Hopper was:
Nick Wilkin
Nick Wilkin was:
Jaden Klein
Christopher Conway
Jaden Klein was:
Tim Rhoze
Richard Owens
Tim Rhoze was:
Maxwell Jenkins
Tommy Kessler
Maxwell Jenkins was:
Mouzam Makkar
Mrs. Negani
Mouzam Makkar was:
Lawrence Macgowan
John Leroy
Lawrence Macgowan was:
Jerod Haynes
Jason Westbrook
Jerod Haynes was:
Gary Houston
Gary Houston was:
Lia D. Mortensen
Lesley Frain
Lia D. Mortensen was:
Steve Montana
Steve Montana was:
Tai'isha Davis
Tai'isha Davis was:
John Hoogenakker
Inspector Davis
John Hoogenakker was:
Howie Johnson
Mr. Hardy
Howie Johnson was:
Ron O.J. Parson
Campus Security
Ron O.J. Parson was:
Tonray Ho
E.R. Doctor
Tonray Ho was:
Shanésia Davis
Female Lawyer
Shanésia Davis was:
José Antonio García
Young Doctor
José Antonio García was:
Ora Jones
Female Infectious Disease Specialist
Ora Jones was:
Danielle Ward
Police Department Receptionist
Danielle Ward was:
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