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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

A Time to Kill

A Time to Kill

Release Date: 1996-07-24 (24 years ago)
Matthew McConaughey
Jake Brigance
Matthew McConaughey was:
Sandra Bullock
Ellen Roark
Sandra Bullock was:
Samuel L. Jackson
Carl Lee Hailey
Samuel L. Jackson was:
Kevin Spacey
Rufus Buckley
Kevin Spacey was:
Ashley Judd
Carla Brigance
Ashley Judd was:
Donald Sutherland
Lucien Wilbanks
Donald Sutherland was:
Oliver Platt
Harry Rex Vonner
Oliver Platt was:
Charles S. Dutton
Ozzie Walls
Charles S. Dutton was:
Brenda Fricker
Ethel Twitty
Brenda Fricker was:
Kiefer Sutherland
Freddie Lee Cobb
Kiefer Sutherland was:
Patrick McGoohan
Judge Omar Noose
Patrick McGoohan was:
Rae'Ven Larrymore Kelly
Tonya Hailey
Rae'Ven Larrymore Kelly was:
Tonea Stewart
Gwen Hailey
Tonea Stewart was:
John Diehl
Tim Nunley
John Diehl was:
Chris Cooper
Dwayne Looney
Chris Cooper was:
Nicky Katt
Billy Ray Cobb
Nicky Katt was:
Doug Hutchison
Pete Willard
Doug Hutchison was:
Kurtwood Smith
Stump Sisson
Kurtwood Smith was:
Tim Parati
Tim Parati was:
Beth Grant
Cora Mae Cobb
Beth Grant was:
Anthony Heald
Wilbert Rodeheaver
Anthony Heald was:
M. Emmet Walsh
Willard Tyrell Bass (uncredited)
M. Emmet Walsh was:
Octavia Spencer
Roark's Nurse
Octavia Spencer was:
Darrin Mitchell
Skip Hailey
Darrin Mitchell was:
LaConte McGrew
Slim Hailey
LaConte McGrew was:
Devin Lloyd
Willie Hailey
Devin Lloyd was:
Mark W. Johnson
Willie Hastings
Mark W. Johnson was:
Joe Seneca
Reverend Isaiah Street
Joe Seneca was:
Thomas Merdis
Reverend Ollie Agee
Thomas Merdis was:
Alexandra Kyle
Hannah Brigance
Alexandra Kyle was:
Terry Loughlin
Jury Foreman
Terry Loughlin was:
Andy Stahl
Reluctant Male Juror
Andy Stahl was:
Joe Bullen
Joe Frank Perryman
Joe Bullen was:
Lorraine Middleton
Blonde Woman Juror
Lorraine Middleton was:
Graham Timbes
Male Juror
Graham Timbes was:
Jonathan Hadary
Norman Reinfield
Jonathan Hadary was:
Benjamin Mouton
Klan Bomber
Benjamin Mouton was:
Byron Jennings
Brent Musgrove
Byron Jennings was:
Patrick Sutton
Militant Teenager
Patrick Sutton was:
Greg Lauren
Greg Lauren was:
Danny Nelson
Bud Twitty
Danny Nelson was:
Mike Pniewski
Deputy Tatum
Mike Pniewski was:
Elizabeth Omilami
Woman Angry at Klan
Elizabeth Omilami was:
Lukas Cain
Looney's Son
Lukas Cain was:
Stacy Rae Toyon
Looney's Wife
Stacy Rae Toyon was:
Wayne Dehart
Wayne Dehart was:
Helen E. Floyd
Waitress at Claude's
Helen E. Floyd was:
David Brian Williams
Customer at Claude's
David Brian Williams was:
Rebecca Koon
Rebecca Koon was:
James M. Crumley Jr.
Guardsman Mackenvale
James M. Crumley Jr. was:
Jim Ritchie
Tom Hardy
Jim Ritchie was:
Perry Ritchie
Sarah Hardy
Perry Ritchie was:
Mike McLaren
Administrator at Whitfield
Mike McLaren was:
Tim Monich
Reverend Fink
Tim Monich was:
Leonard L. Thomas
Man in Lumberyard
Leonard L. Thomas was:
Brance H. Beamon
Noose's Butler
Brance H. Beamon was:
Mildred J. Gilbreath
Noose's Housekeeper
Mildred J. Gilbreath was:
Will Crapps
Will Crapps was:
David U. Hodges
David U. Hodges was:
Maggie Wade Dixon
T.V. Anchor
Maggie Wade Dixon was:
Russell Hambline
Old Man Bates
Russell Hambline was:
Robert Chapman
Young Fisherman
Robert Chapman was:
Robert R. Bell Jr.
Robert R. Bell Jr. was:
Tommy McCullough
Old Fisherman
Tommy McCullough was:
Ryk St. Vincent
Ryk St. Vincent was:
Bettina Rose
Bettina Rose was:
Linda Calvin Johnson
Linda Calvin Johnson was:
Terrance Freeman
Court Deputy
Terrance Freeman was:
Alice Julius-Scott
N.A.A.C.P. Woman
Alice Julius-Scott was:
William Truly Jr.
N.A.A.C.P. Man #1
William Truly Jr. was:
Walter L. Hutchins
N.A.A.C.P. Man #2
Walter L. Hutchins was:
Jerry Hunt
Jerry Hunt was:
Howard Ballou
Reporter #1 with Hastings
Howard Ballou was:
Todd Demers
Reporter #1 with Jake
Todd Demers was:
Stephanie Strickland
Stephanie (Reporter #1 with Buckley)
Stephanie Strickland was:
Kim Hendrix
Kim (Reporter #2 with Buckley)
Kim Hendrix was:
Rob Jay
Reporter #3 with Buckley
Rob Jay was:
Sherri Hilton
Reporter #2 with Jake
Sherri Hilton was:
Steve Coulter
Steve Coulter was:
Jackie Stewart
Fire Chief
Jackie Stewart was:
Rosebud Dixon-Green
Woman at Rally
Rosebud Dixon-Green was:
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