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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Release Date: 2009-05-20 (12 years ago)
Ben Stiller
Larry Daley
Ben Stiller was:
Amy Adams
Amelia Earhart
Amy Adams was:
Owen Wilson
Jedediah Smith
Owen Wilson was:
Hank Azaria
Kahmunrah / The Thinker / Abe Lincoln
Hank Azaria was:
Robin Williams
Theodore Roosevelt
Robin Williams was:
Christopher Guest
Ivan the Terrible
Christopher Guest was:
Alain Chabat
Napoleon Bonaparte
Alain Chabat was:
Steve Coogan
Steve Coogan was:
Ricky Gervais
Dr. McPhee
Ricky Gervais was:
Bill Hader
General George Armstrong Custer
Bill Hader was:
Jon Bernthal
Al Capone
Jon Bernthal was:
Patrick Gallagher
Attila the Hun
Patrick Gallagher was:
Jake Cherry
Nicky Daley
Jake Cherry was:
Rami Malek
Rami Malek was:
Mizuo Peck
Mizuo Peck was:
Kerry van der Griend
Neanderthal #1
Kerry van der Griend was:
Matthew Harrison
Neanderthal #2
Matthew Harrison was:
Rick Dobran
Neanderthal #3
Rick Dobran was:
Randy Lee
Hun #1
Randy Lee was:
Darryl Quon
Hun #2
Darryl Quon was:
Gerald Wong
Hun #3
Gerald Wong was:
Paul Chih-Ping Cheng
Hun #4
Paul Chih-Ping Cheng was:
Jay Baruchel
Joey Motorola
Jay Baruchel was:
Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling was:
Keith Powell
Tuskegee Airman #1
Keith Powell was:
Craig Robinson
Tuskegee Airman #2
Craig Robinson was:
Samuel Patrick Chu
Teenage Boy #1
Samuel Patrick Chu was:
Augustus Oicle
Teenage Boy #2
Augustus Oicle was:
Kai James
Teenage Boy #3
Kai James was:
Clint Howard
Air and Space Mission Control Tech #1
Clint Howard was:
Matty Finochio
Air and Space Mission Control Tech #2
Matty Finochio was:
George Foreman
George Foreman was:
Josh Byer
Capone Gangster #1
Josh Byer was:
Sophie Levy
Young Girl #1
Sophie Levy was:
Tess Levy
Young Girl #2
Tess Levy was:
Christina Schild
'American Gothic' Woman
Christina Schild was:
Robert Thurston
'American Gothic' Farmer
Robert Thurston was:
Alberta Mayne
Kissing Nurse
Alberta Mayne was:
Clifton MaCabe Murray
Kissing Sailor
Clifton MaCabe Murray was:
Caroll Spinney
Oscar the Grouch (voice)
Caroll Spinney was:
Thomas Morley
Darth Vader
Thomas Morley was:
Dan Joffre
Town Car Driver
Dan Joffre was:
Dave Hospes
Dave Hospes was:
Regina Taufen
New York Reporter
Regina Taufen was:
Shawn Levy
Infomercial Father
Shawn Levy was:
Joe Jonas
Cherub #1 (voice)
Joe Jonas was:
Kevin Jonas
Cherub #2 (voice)
Kevin Jonas was:
Nick Jonas
Cherub #3 (voice)
Nick Jonas was:
Eugene Levy
Albert Einstein Bobbleheads (voice)
Eugene Levy was:
Brad Garrett
Easter Island Head (voice)
Brad Garrett was:
Ed Helms
Larry Daley's Assistant (uncredited)
Ed Helms was:
Jonah Hill
Brundon (uncredited)
Jonah Hill was:
Ben Garant
Orville Wright (uncredited)
Ben Garant was:
Thomas Lennon
Wilbur Wright (uncredited)
Thomas Lennon was:
Dan Savoie
NY Museum Patron (uncredited)
Dan Savoie was:
Frankie Jonas
Extra - Child in Museum (uncredited)
Frankie Jonas was:
Don Abernathy
Airport Traveler (uncredited)
Don Abernathy was:
Dennis Albanese
Foreman (uncredited)
Dennis Albanese was:
Tipper Burton
Museum Visitor (uncredited)
Tipper Burton was:
Hélène Cardona
Reporter (voice) (uncredited)
Hélène Cardona was:
Lauren Emily Jacobs
School Girl (uncredited)
Lauren Emily Jacobs was:
Waléra Kanischtscheff
Ivan the Terrible (voice) (uncredited)
Waléra Kanischtscheff was:
Tom MacNeill
US Marine (uncredited)
Tom MacNeill was:
Dan Martino
U.S. Solider (uncredited)
Dan Martino was:
Douglas Nelson
Streltsy (uncredited)
Douglas Nelson was:
Kennith Overbey
Tuskegee Airman (uncredited)
Kennith Overbey was:
Robert Underwood
Air and Space Mission Control Tech (uncredited)
Robert Underwood was:
Crystal the Monkey
Dexter/Able (uncredited)
Crystal the Monkey was:
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