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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom

Release Date: Monday, May 16 1960 (62 years ago)
Portrait of Karlheinz BöhmKarlheinz Böhm
Mark Lewis
Karlheinz Böhm was:
Portrait of Moira ShearerMoira Shearer
Moira Shearer was:
Portrait of Anna MasseyAnna Massey
Helen Stephens
Anna Massey was:
Portrait of Maxine AudleyMaxine Audley
Mrs. Stephens
Maxine Audley was:
Portrait of Brenda BruceBrenda Bruce
Brenda Bruce was:
Portrait of Miles MallesonMiles Malleson
Elderly Gentleman Customer
Miles Malleson was:
Portrait of Esmond KnightEsmond Knight
Arthur Baden
Esmond Knight was:
Portrait of Michael GoodliffeMichael Goodliffe
Don Jarvis
Michael Goodliffe was:
Portrait of Jack WatsonJack Watson
Chief Insp. Gregg
Jack Watson was:
Portrait of Shirley Anne FieldShirley Anne Field
Pauline Shields
Shirley Anne Field was:
Portrait of Pamela GreenPamela Green
Pamela Green was:
Portrait of John BarrardJohn Barrard
Small Man (uncredited)
John Barrard was:
Portrait of Robert CrewdsonRobert Crewdson
Shop Assistant on Film Set (uncredited)
Robert Crewdson was:
Portrait of Nigel DavenportNigel Davenport
Det. Sgt. Miller (uncredited)
Nigel Davenport was:
Portrait of Michael PowellMichael Powell
Mark's Father - A.N. Lewis (uncredited)
Michael Powell was:
Portrait of Susan TraversSusan Travers
Lorraine the Model (uncredited)
Susan Travers was:
Portrait of Martin MillerMartin Miller
Dr. Rosen
Martin Miller was:
Portrait of Keith BaxterKeith Baxter
Det. Baxter (uncredited)
Keith Baxter was:
Portrait of John ChappellJohn Chappell
Clapper Boy (uncredited)
John Chappell was:
Portrait of Roland CurramRoland Curram
Young Man in Sports Car (uncredited)
Roland Curram was:
Portrait of John DunbarJohn Dunbar
Police Doctor (uncredited)
John Dunbar was:
Portrait of Maurice DurantMaurice Durant
Publicity Chief (uncredited)
Maurice Durant was:
Portrait of Paddi EdwardsPaddi Edwards
Girl Electrician (uncredited)
Paddi Edwards was:
Portrait of Cornelia FrancesCornelia Frances
Girl in Sports Car Leaving Studio (uncredited)
Cornelia Frances was:
Portrait of Veronica HurstVeronica Hurst
Miss Simpson - Jarvis' Secretary (uncredited)
Veronica Hurst was:
Portrait of M. Le CompteM. Le Compte
Lover in Garden (uncredited)
M. Le Compte was:
Portrait of Mme. Le CompteMme. Le Compte
Lover in Garden (uncredited)
Mme. Le Compte was:
Portrait of Bartlett MullinsBartlett Mullins
Mr. Peters - News Agent Shop Owner (uncredited)
Bartlett Mullins was:
Portrait of Pete MurrayPete Murray
Young Man Embracing Girl (uncredited)
Pete Murray was:
Portrait of Margaret NealeMargaret Neale
Mark's Stepmother (uncredited)
Margaret Neale was:
Portrait of Columba PowellColumba Powell
Mark as a Child (uncredited)
Columba Powell was:
Portrait of Guy Kingsley PoynterGuy Kingsley Poynter
P. Tate - Studio Cameraman (uncredited)
Guy Kingsley Poynter was:
Portrait of Frankie ReidyFrankie Reidy
Mark's Mother on Deathbed (uncredited)
Frankie Reidy was:
Portrait of Alan RolfeAlan Rolfe
Store Detective (uncredited)
Alan Rolfe was:
Portrait of Frank SinguineauFrank Singuineau
Electrician #1 (uncredited)
Frank Singuineau was:
Portrait of Peggy Thorpe-BatesPeggy Thorpe-Bates
Mrs. Partridge (uncredited)
Peggy Thorpe-Bates was:
Portrait of Robert VosslerRobert Vossler
Policeman (uncredited)
Robert Vossler was:
Portrait of Brian WallaceBrian Wallace
Tony - Downstairs Lodger in Lewis' House (uncredited)
Brian Wallace was:
Portrait of Brian WorthBrian Worth
Assistant Director (uncredited)
Brian Worth was:
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