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Poster of Carry On Cruising

Carry On Cruising

Release Date: Monday, March 12 1962 (60 years ago)
Portrait of Sid JamesSid James
Captain Wellington Crowther
Sid James was:
Portrait of Kenneth WilliamsKenneth Williams
First Officer Leonard Marjoribanks
Kenneth Williams was:
Portrait of Kenneth ConnorKenneth Connor
Doctor Arthur Binn
Kenneth Connor was:
Portrait of Liz FraserLiz Fraser
Glad Trimble
Liz Fraser was:
Portrait of Dilys LayeDilys Laye
Florence 'Flo' Castle
Dilys Laye was:
Portrait of Esma CannonEsma Cannon
Bridget Madderley
Esma Cannon was:
Portrait of Lance PercivalLance Percival
Wilfred Haines, Ship's Cook
Lance Percival was:
Portrait of Jimmy ThompsonJimmy Thompson
Sam Turner, Barman
Jimmy Thompson was:
Portrait of Ronnie StevensRonnie Stevens
Drunk Passenger
Ronnie Stevens was:
Portrait of Vincent BallVincent Ball
Vincent Ball was:
Portrait of Ed DevereauxEd Devereaux
Young Officer
Ed Devereaux was:
Portrait of Brian RawlinsonBrian Rawlinson
Nervous Steward
Brian Rawlinson was:
Portrait of Anton RodgersAnton Rodgers
Young Man
Anton Rodgers was:
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