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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of No Such Thing

No Such Thing

Release Date: Saturday, May 12 2001 (21 years ago)
Portrait of Sarah PolleySarah Polley
Sarah Polley was:
Portrait of Robert John BurkeRobert John Burke
The Monster
Robert John Burke was:
Portrait of Helen MirrenHelen Mirren
The Boss
Helen Mirren was:
Portrait of Julie ChristieJulie Christie
Dr. Anna
Julie Christie was:
Portrait of Baltasar KormákurBaltasar Kormákur
Dr. Artaud
Baltasar Kormákur was:
Portrait of Annika PetersonAnnika Peterson
Annika Peterson was:
Portrait of Erica GimpelErica Gimpel
Erica Gimpel was:
Portrait of James UrbaniakJames Urbaniak
James Urbaniak was:
Portrait of Bill SageBill Sage
Bill Sage was:
Portrait of Paul LazarPaul Lazar
Paul Lazar was:
Portrait of Damian YoungDamian Young
Damian Young was:
Portrait of Miho NikaidoMiho Nikaido
Miho Nikaido was:
Portrait of Ingvar SigurdssonIngvar Sigurdsson
Dr. Svendsen
Ingvar Sigurdsson was:
Portrait of Kristbjörg KjeldKristbjörg Kjeld
Nurse Joan
Kristbjörg Kjeld was:
Portrait of Helgi BjörnssonHelgi Björnsson
Helgi Björnsson was:
Portrait of David NeumannDavid Neumann
David Neumann was:
Portrait of Margrét ÁkadóttirMargrét Ákadóttir
Rental Agent
Margrét Ákadóttir was:
Portrait of D.J. MendelD.J. Mendel
D.J. Mendel was:
Portrait of Abby RoyleAbby Royle
Abby Royle was:
Portrait of Wendy WalkerWendy Walker
Wendy Walker was:
Portrait of Peter O'HaraPeter O'Hara
Peter O'Hara was:
Portrait of María EllingsenMaría Ellingsen
Karlsdóttir/Gate Manager
María Ellingsen was:
Portrait of Anthony GiangrandeAnthony Giangrande
Anthony Giangrande was:
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